6 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits Of A Vegan Diet
6 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits Of A Vegan Diet

Ever considered going vegan? Trust me; you’re not alone. Each year, the number of people deciding to go vegan increases, which is no doubt a good thing. People are now accepting veganism with an open heart, but it was never the same. In the past some years, one was judged or sighed upon on announcing “I am a vegan”. But things have surely changed now, maybe because people are now aware of the health benefits that veganism holds for them. Whether you’re turning to veganism for ethical reasons or environmental reasons, the vegan diet surely has numerous benefits, but only if you do it the right way.

One of the biggest misconceptions about veganism is that vegans eat only salads! That’s not true at all; they do eat salads but how about a piece of cake? Vegans can get an eggless cake delivery and enjoy that too. That’s what I love about this time; you get numerous options. 

Did you know about the term Veganaury? Its a name given to non-vegan people who try to stay vegan for an entire month of January.

First, let’s understand what veganism is?

Veganism is a practice of opting a vegan diet in which people shuns the consumption of animal driven products and only depends on plants for nutrition as well as other benefits.

Here are some health benefits that can be gained from a vegan diet.   

Free from Animal Fat

Not to offend non-vegetarians, but the fact is that animal fat is considered unhealthy and linked to some illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, and some kinds of cancers. Animal Fats may also transfer industrial cancer associated toxins. Animal sourced fat is likely to have cholesterol-raising fats. But cutting off the consumption of animal products can save you from so many health issues. Turn to plant-based fats like olive oil; it will provide you the required fats. 

Healthy Heart

When you are taking fewer calories, it automatically decreases the chances of heart diseases. Don’t want to sound geek or anything but there is a simple science behind it. People cutting of high cholesterol food products (animal based) which contain saturated fats are less likely to be obese. That means a lower level of cholesterol in the body, which further helps in lower blood pressure. Lower blood pressure is equal to a healthy heart.  

Protects From Various Types of Cancers

A WHO report claims that one-third of the cancer cases can be avoided by the diet you take. it is believed that Meat eaters are at a higher risk of certain types of cancers because they eat processed meats cooked at high temperatures that are considered to trigger cancer-causing agents. While on the other hand, eating legumes, fruits, and vegetables regularly can lower the risk of dying from cancer by fifteen percent. A vegan diet includes comparatively more of these food products than non-vegans. However, these factors do not pinpoint any main cause of cancer and are observational.

Improved Bone Density

Calcium is the main constituent of bones and teeth. For an average human, the main source of calcium is milk and cheese. But for vegans, the options are vast like spinach, kale, figs, black-eyed peas which are a rich source of calcium. Though non-vegans can also eat these products vegans get them incorporated in their daily diet which makes their bone health better than others. In research, vegans have shown to be better absorbers of calcium. Also, fruits and vegetable are low on acid, which leads to decreasing bone mineral density loss. That might be the reason that people with arthritis have some positive effects of a vegan diet on their condition.

More Energy

In a random study, a group of people was asked to either start a vegan diet or continue their same food for a month. The result was that people who switched their diets were more energetic compared to the ones who did not change. Although it’s not scientifically proven, animal fat or saturated fat do make to lethargic, whereas eating fruits and vegetables makes you feel light.

But obviously if you have been dancing all night, you are likely to feel sleepy the next day, but that is totally regardless of your vegan diet.

Lowers Blood Sugar Level and Improved Kidney Function

You know vegans tend to have a lower level of blood sugar, higher insulin productivity, which reduces the risk of diabetes (type 2) up to 50%. Lower blood sugar level for people with diabetes also benefits their kidney functioning. Thus, going vegan helps in both diabetes as well as kidney functioning. Now that’s what you can call a benefit.

we do understand that sometimes how hard it gets for a vegan to not to get enticed by delicious delicacies but it’s okay to indulge in some, so we provide eggless cake online. Eating vegan does not mean you have to have a strict diet. Just with some smart swapping of food products, you can have your favourite desserts too!