List Of Flowers That Hold Significance In Indian Culture

Flowers are an essential component of human society and all occasions and celebrations. These flowers are given as gifts and utilized to decorate community halls and buildings for parties, celebrations, festivals, and ceremonies. The flowers are designed and decorated in various ways using various types of blooms and floral arrangements. For gifting and decoration, flower bouquets of the same and different varieties of flowers are utilized. So here is a list of the flowers that truly hold a special place in our culture.


The gomphrena flowers are easy to grow; thus, they list the best Indian summer flowers. There’s no doubting that these blooms are popular with their little ball-like flowers. The blooms come in various colors, including off-white, orange, and pink.


The heavenly-scented tuberose makes a stunning impression in garlands, bouquets, buttonholes, boutonnieres, wreaths, and gajras. It is also known for producing essential oils and perfumes and for its cultural usage. Bring flowers online and make your loved one feel special while they put gajra in their hair. 


Marigolds can be found everywhere from Dussehra through Diwali. Marigolds play an important role in Indian celebrations. Flowers are donated in rituals, and garlands of bright orange blooms are strung for auspicious purposes. Calendula flowers, like marigolds, were originally vividly colored in tones of orange and yellow but with simpler petals. They grew abundantly across Eurasia and were frequently utilized in religious rituals, such as India’s genda-phool.


Rose is a flower with a wonderful perfume and light and vibrant color tones. It comes in various colors, including pink, blue, yellow, red, white, and others, and is both attractive and mesmerizing. It is regarded as the most well-known and gorgeous flower species. So get roses online as they are thought to bring happiness and wealth to anyone who comes into contact with them. Various roses are prized for their beautiful flowers, which range in color from white to a variety of beige and pink hues, as well as dark crimson and maroon. Bring this beautiful rose color into your home and use it to decorate.


The Lotus represents majesty, fertility, riches, richness, knowledge, and peace, in addition to purity, beauty, and elegance. Because Goddess Lakshmi is pictured as sitting on a lotus, this flower is offered to her during Varamahalakshmi.


Yuthika is the name of a magnificent Jasmine liana with fragrant, exquisite white blossoms that grows in the southern part of India. The flower has always been a part of a lady’s tress in India, especially for those who enjoy scented flowers. Jasmines are a natural fresh perfume that makes a great addition to houses due to their dazzling aroma. Fresh flowers in a tiny dish at the house’s front door of the house temple. You may also use it as a focal point on your coffee table to add a traditional touch.


Orchids, Oncidium sphacelate, are grown all over India, but they are most prevalent in the northeast. Many orchids do not grow in the ground but rather as an air plant that adheres to tree limbs and roots in the jungle canopy. Orchids are rarely used in food and have no religious or cultural significance. Their fragrance is frequently found in lotions and fragrances. Vanilla is the most famous orchid. In addition, when cooked, the underground tubers of terrestrial orchids are edible.