Desserts That Can Be Used As Cake Alternative In A Wedding

Because weddings are getting more individualized these days, why not consider an alternative to the traditional wedding cake to add that extra wow factor to your big day? If a traditional wedding cake isn’t your style, serve your guests your favorite sweet or desserts instead. There are many ways to serve a show-stopping dessert without cutting an actual cake that keeps the tradition and ritual alive. Many dessert trends have emerged in recent years, including cupcakes, donut walls, and macarons, to mention a few. So why limit yourself to bread and cream for your wedding cake?

Pancakes & Waffles 

The sugary sweetness of pancakes and waffles will have guests drooling. Waffles can also be stacked to resemble a tiered wedding cake for an eye-catching display. You can choose between the two, but we’ve combined them for the sake of keeping the list brief.


Macarons are the most popular sweet, and incorporating them into a wedding dessert will be the greatest way to have an attractive alternative to the traditional wedding cake. As a result, it will be a unique experience for your visitors.

Pie Table 

Another option for wedding cakes is a pie table to look forward to. The pie counter seems to have become a show-stopper in today’s weddings. A pie buffet is a budget-friendly dessert option for all American weddings. You can have various forms and flavors that can be embellished in a cake, and you can also have a cake-cutting ceremony with this.


While wedding cakes are commonplace in American celebrations, look to other cultures for desserts inspiration. A famous wedding dessert in France is the croquembouche, a french pastry made of cream puffs and spinning sugar.


Instead of a wedding cake, you may serve your guests an endless variety of cookies, desserts and believe us; they will be equally thrilled. This is because everyone enjoys cookies, whether prepared at home or ordered. As a result, adding a cookie mix and match to the wedding dessert platters is always a fantastic idea.


Cupcakes are an excellent alternative to a giant wedding cake in the spirit of more tiny cakes. Aside from flowers and curtains, beautifully adorned cupcakes are the ideal way to add to your wedding decor! These little delights aren’t just the perfect sugary pleasure; they’ll also offer the perfect essence of delectability to your culinary menu.


Because it combines some of the characteristics we’ve discussed, this can be a fantastic way to serve dessert. Donuts are little and easy to consume, but they may be put in any enormous display you like. This may be a great alternative, but you can always order cake online for the wedding. 


Cannolis is the ultimate chef’s kiss for couples who wish to highlight their Italian background or enjoy tasty cannoli. Serve a mountain of this Italian delicacy made out of tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough filled with a sweet, creamy center.

Crispy Rice Cake 

The Rice Crispy Cake has the appearance and shape of a traditional cake and appeals to the bride and groom, who are lively and light-hearted. Rice Crispy Cake is a low-cost, easy-to-make substitute cake. Our Rice Crispy Cake is simple and elegant, but you can make it more interesting by dipping it in colored chocolate and adding sprinkles to match your color scheme. You can also get it from a cake shop nearby. 

Ice Creams 

If you don’t want to make pastry-based desserts, there are still many options. Having ice cream is never a bad idea. Ice cream, whether served on beautiful little cones, scooped out in glass cups, or served in inventive ice cream sandwiches, is guaranteed to be a hit during summer weddings. It’s no wonder that ice cream, in all of its varieties, is adored by children and devoured by adults alike. Serve a couple of flavors from your favorite parlor to give a personal touch.

Chocolate Fountain 

As an alternative to wedding cakes, chocolate fountains are becoming increasingly popular. It’s another option that arrives in various colors to compliment your special day. Choose from various dippers, including strawberries, profiteroles, fudge, bananas, grapes, and marshmallows. The variety of options available will enthrall your wedding guests.