How To Prepare Eggless Black Forest Cake? Try This Recipe!!!

The most fun-loving factor of the celebration is everyone’s favorite dessert that no one can deny. This is the center of attraction of any party or event that no occasion is complete if there is no delicious cake. From small to grand celebrations, cake cutting is a ritual that no one misses out on as it is a way of showing happiness. This is why people send cakes online to their loved ones when they are happy or express their happiness and excitement. , we can say that cakes are synonyms of happiness. 

When we come to talk about cakes, black forest cake is the one that people of every age group love. This is a traditional cake that everyone demands on their special occasion. So, get ready to bake a black forest cake with two or three layers filled with whip cream and chocolate to celebrate any special moment of your life. If you want to try this cake in your kitchen and don’t know how to try the recipe, we will share this article and get the perfect and delicious black forest cake.

Ingredients for Black Forest Cake

  • Cream – 350 grams (1.5 cups)
  • Dark Chocolate Compound – 200 grams
  • Icing Sugar – 150 grams (1 cup)
  • Vanilla essence – ½ tsp
  • Butter – 50 grams (¼ cup melted)
  • Honey – 2 tablespoons

Chocolate Cake – 7-inch diameter (700 grams)

How to Make a Black Forest Cake

  • You can use market-made whip cream to decorate cakes or make whip cream at home. To make frosting at home, put the cream in a big pot, add melted butter in it, and fill a little bigger cup of ice under the cream cup. Whip the cream with an electric blender for 3-4 minutes; add icing sugar and whisk it again for 3-4 minutes. Now add vanilla essence and whip it again. Remember that while whipping the cream, the cream should be icy.
  • Put some cream on the cake stand and place it on top of the cake to come out easily from the stand. To make a layered cake, prepare the cake by cutting it into three parts with the help of a big knife. (You can prepare a layered cake by taking two different cakes and applying frosting to it).
  • Make a solution by adding 6 teaspoons of water to the honey (if you do not want to take honey, you can take sugar and prepare a sugar solution by adding water to the sugar). A portion of the cake is on the stand; apply a little honey water on it with a brush’s help; this makes the cake soft.
  • Now put the cream on it and with the help of a knife spread the cream all over the cake, now put the second piece of cake on top of it and put honey cream on it too and spread it evenly. Now place the third cake on it, apply honey water, and spread the cream evenly. Place four butter paper pieces under the cake, thinly sliced ​​all around, so that the cake will come out very clean easily. Now grease the cake with cream all around. Spread the cream around the cake, cover it well on all sides and make it smooth.
  • Take a chocolate compound, crush half the chocolate with a peeler, and melt the remaining half of the chocolate. Add the cream to the melted chocolate and mix well. Fill the mixture in a polythene cone with a flower nozzle, make flowers around it on the cake, fill it with crushed chocolate in the middle, and sprinkle the crushed chocolate around the cake. Remove the butter paper from all the sides. Chocolate layered black forest chocolate cake is ready; take out the cake on a plate, a stunning cake is made. This cake can be stored in the refrigerator and eaten for 3-4 days.


  • While frosting, work in AC or a freezing place because the cream melts and becomes thin, and it becomes challenging to work at an average temperature.
  • Even after whipping the cream, if the cream is not thick, then keep it in the fridge for 1-2 hours and whip it out, then it becomes thick.
  • You can use cocoa powder instead of melted chocolate in the whipped cream to give color.

Final Words

Here you can go and try black forest cake in your kitchen and enjoy the delicious bites of this amazing cake. We believe that you like this article and will try the black forest cake in the future with the recipe ideas we shared above. So, have some fun and wish you a new experience of cake-making!