Know How To Save Money While Shopping For Diwali!
Know How To Save Money While Shopping For Diwali!

Diwali is just a week away and we can’t control our excitement! It is such a lovely festival!  Diwali is all about happiness, crackers, lights and shopping bags! The season when we make all our loved ones feel unique is Diwali! When we visit our families and friends, there are a lot of Diwali gifts being exchanged. This is also an ideal time for shopping. Stores are filled with beautiful and vibrant stuff that you can shop for far too much! Are you also going on a shopping spree this Diwali? One needs to keep a good amount of money in hand for this shopping process, and at the start of the month, most of us also get a good amount of Diwali bonus. So before you go out for your festive shopping, take a look at these tips we have for you.

Here are some things that will help you save money if you are looking forward to shopping this Diwali:

Make a list and define your budget

Before you begin the shopping exercise, it is always best to make a list of items you need. This also helps to chalk out a budget; saves time as you can just go to certain locations where these items are accessible and no wonder through hundreds of shops. 

Compare prices before buying

Shop around, compare rates both online and offline, go through different outlets — once you are done making a list of items you want to purchase. If you are going to buy in bulk, try the supermarket or wholesale markets for non-branded or customised products.

All that glitters is not gold! 

It can be a prolific time for festivals to get swept up, so here is a note of caution. Always be cautious the moment you see a rather unrealistically high discount. Perhaps, in the case of perishables, the stock will soon expire. Or it may be last year’s surplus stock. So maybe the item isn’t sold fast enough, or there may be a good reason for it. Buy only after you’re sure that it’s worth the deal. 

Spend smartly

Use your debit card or mobile wallet rather than swiping your credit card. Racking up debt is not that hard to do during the festival season, but it is not ideal at all. Know, interest charges could be pretty high and credit card late fees are too incredibly rocketing.

Patience is the key

Have patience and wait to grab the best offers on the market at the right time.  Like Diwali, most online retail stores schedule money-saving promotions during the festive season, so don’t forget to target them. You will benefit from this Diwali 2020 sale and make more buys. You’ll get coupons on electronics or Diwali sweets easily, for instance. You can go bulk shopping whenever you see a great deal on these or other products.

This way, this year, you can give your relatives and friends a cost-effective gift. However, before settling on a specific shop, do not forget to compare the different offers available online. 

Follow these handy tips so that your budget is not over-shooted and your gifts are still well-received. Happy Diwali! Happy Shopping!