Diwali Celebration Ways If You’re Away From Family & Friends
Diwali Celebration Ways If You’re Away From Family & Friends

Diwali is one such festivity that keeps us on our toes and bonds us better with our friends and family, right? It is one of those festivals that are incomplete and imperfect without celebrating with friends and family right? However, sometimes time and situation may put you in a tight spot right? I don’t even wish my enemy to celebrate Diwali away from his family and friends. However, if you ever happen to be alone in this festivity, then, here we have got you a guide to making yourself feel less miserable on this festivity. Send Diwali gifts online to your friends and daily so as to let them make your presence felt and do something for yourself as well this Diwali festivity.

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Decorate Your Place:

When you celebrate Diwali alone, believe me, loneliness tends to creep in a lot. The best way to wand off this loneliness would definitely be decorating your place. Yes, doll up your place the way your heart wants it to look like your homeplace. Believe me, decorating your place will surely distract your mind and you won’t miss your home that much. 

Watch Bollywood Classics:

You know, whenever I feel lost, sad or low, I do watch some classics of Bollywood movies. It really helps to boost the mood. Take a good nostalgic stroll by watching your childhood Bollywood movies. Let some Bollywood movies be part of your Diwali celebration and make you feel a lot much better. 

Hop Onto Delicacies & Treats:

Another way to woosh away your sadness and loneliness is by gorging onto your favorite snacks and treats. Diwali is all about beautiful decoration and good food, right? So. this Diwali, decorate your table with some mouth-watering delicacies and spoil your taste buds with some luscious treats. Also, order Diwali gifts online for yourself because you deserve them undoubtedly. 

Virtual Diwali Celebration:

Since we live in an era of technology, it has blessed us with its own share of perks, right? Connect with your friends and family on a video call. Perform the Diwali pooja with them along with playing some virtual games like playing cards or charades. Connecting with them on a video call will make you feel much better and will make you feel connected to them. 

Make a Rangoli:

So, if you have ample time during the day and you want to kill it, nothing more would be helpful than making a beautiful rangoli. Pick a design from the internet, buy some colours, and spend 2 to 3 hours making a rangoli in your home.

So, these were some effective and helpful ways of celebrating Diwali alone and feeling less miserable.