5 Best Plant Gifts For Everyone This Festive Season
5 Best Plant Gifts For Everyone This Festive Season

It’s fun to start dreaming about presents for our loved ones, as we all open our doors towards the festive season. They are a great Diwali gift because plants can help combat seasonal depression and improve air quality. But what plants are the best to offer as Diwali gifts?

Giving a gift that someone really likes always feels amazing. Since plants can be a bit of a challenge to keep alive, be sure that a plant is really desired by your recipient. You may want to reconsider your gift idea if they haven’t shown interest in getting a plant before. If you know your loved one would like a plant for the festival of lights, but you just don’t know which plant, we’re here to help you with a couple of ideas! Here’s our list of five plants that make awesome Diwali presents. Let’s check them out!

Jade Plant

Want a gift from easy-care plants? The Jade Plant is a succulent plant, making it a sturdy yet appealing choice. This plant grows quickly and is often referred to as a money plant. So this little succulent might be for you or a buddy; if you need some connection between a fast-growing plant and your cash equivalents! Along with wedding presents and housewarming gifts, they have traditionally been offered as festive presents, where you can well-wish for the recipient’s prosperity. 

Peace Lily

In their lives, your hard-working wives and moms out there could use a little extra peace and serenity, so the peace lily is a great option! The sleek, white flowers are not only amazingly beautiful, but they also have phenomenal air-purifying properties to help keep the home free of dust and air pollutants. The neutral color scheme is going to sync up with whatever kind of decor she has at home, so she’s going to happily put this flower as the centerpiece.


It’s also called Mother-in-Law’s tongue, so you might say that this is the ideal tongue-in-cheek present. You can all have a nice giggle if she’s in on the prank, even if she doesn’t clue in, possibilities are she’ll still enjoy it. Plus, these are some of the easiest Diwali plants to take care of, and they rarely need any light, so she’ll have no trouble finding a place to put it in her home. 

Spider Plant

Dads could get a push from this cool, NASA-approved plant, better known for producing lots of tiny spider babies that can be pulled off and grown into separate new plants. To keep the air clean and dust-free, NASA puts them on their space ships, so order plants online and tell your Dad to put one in his office, garage, or bedroom to keep everything fresh.

Red Anthurium

With its shiny, red, heart-shaped, single-petal flowers, this flowering plant has a sweet, romantic vibe to it. The bright green leaves and bold yellow whorls are very distinctive, making for an unforgettable present that is most certainly enjoyed by your beloved. Indirect sunlight from a window and moderate watering with bi-monthly fertilization can help the anthurium last for many years to come. 

There are several more plants with significant symbolism, so why don’t you find one for the next occasion? Plants, whether for Diwali, New Year, or another festival, make perfect gifts!