5 Ways To Add Fun & Excitement In Office Diwali Celebration

Just as celebrating Diwali with your loved ones at home is important, it is equally important to celebrate Diwali with your colleagues with equal fun and excitement, right? Definitely, celebrating Diwali with your colleagues is also a sure way of making the team work more efficient and productive. Diwali does provide a very fair opportunity to everyone to cover all the glitches and void in any relationship with any of your colleagues. So, from getting thoughtful online Diwali gifts to making a plan for celebrating the festival at your workplace, we have pinned down amazing ways to celebrate the festivity with great enthusiasm and happiness. 

If you want to make the Diwali celebration in your office more fun, we have come up with very thoughtful and amazing ideas that will make everyone in the office happy. So, let’s get started with all the fun ideas right away. 

Volunteering Activities:

When you make your co-workers volunteer for activities, you are basically providing them with an opportunity to bond better with each other. If you are willing to go for a social cause, like helping underprivileged children or providing homeless people with basic necessities of life. Also, collecting goods to make someone else’s Diwali much better would be an excellent idea to contribute towards society. 

Potluck Lunch:

Well, a potluck lunch is an amazing idea to make any celebration more fun and thrilling. Organizing a potluck lunch for Diwali will definitely assure you maximum participation from employees and will also enhance your food menu for the celebration. Instead of ordering food from outside, going for homemade lunch would be a better way of a collective lunch with your colleagues. 

Collage Competition:

Since, there are a number of games that are played during the Diwali celebration like rangoli competition or decorating the workplace, there is this new game that would definitely blow your minds. It is a collage competition game. Also, it will work two ways: first, it would be a fun game to play with your colleagues, secondly, it would be a thoughtful Diwali gift for employees at the same time.

DIY Diwali Decoration:

The best part about Diwali is the decoration of course, right? Does not it look so heavenly when every house in the streets is decorated as a bride? Yes, it does. So, this Diwali, decorate your workplace like a bride. There are a number of excellent decorations presented on the internet. Do involve candles, lights, diyas, flowers in your decoration and turn your workplace into a fairy land. 

Surprise Flash Mob:

If you have never organised a flash mob with your colleagues in your office, Diwali would be the best opportunity to have one. Make a team prior to Diwali and come up with a skit or a dance and just when everyone thinks the Diwali party is over, surprise them with a flash mob and close your Diwali celebration with a bang.  

So, make your Diwali at the office a lot more fun this year. Also, those who would not be able to go home on Diwali will surely feel at home.