Interesting Topics To Initiate Conversation On Your First Date

Interesting Topics To Initiate Conversation On Your First Date
Interesting Topics To Initiate Conversation On Your First Date

That date you have been waiting for is finally here? It is so hard to finally fix a date but when it is all set, you take a sigh of relief. But not yet! Here comes the other hurdle, no not the selection of the perfect outfit, though that is another interesting topic to talk about, but here we are talking about the conversation to make the evening interesting. First dates can be awkward as well as amazing, it depends on the way you mold it. No matter how scared you are at first, if the vibe matches, you always end up having a pretty good time? But what is the first step to check if your vibe matches? It is the conversation. 

Starting a conversation feels like a mission, right? It is just like the same feeling you got when you talked for the first time. No matter if you two are chatterboxes on texting, meeting and talking in person is a whole different task. Sure you can get an online flower delivery for your date night and be nice and all. But if you sit silent on the spot, it’s going to be an awkward experience for you as well as him/her. Before you start overthinking , here are some interesting topics that help you start your conversation in the right way on the first date. 

Ask Them About Their Hobbies

One of the easiest ways to initiate conversation and even the most common one is to ask people about their hobbies. You must have experienced it in the interviews that most interviewers ask about your hobbies when they want to initiate a conversation just to get to know you better and understand the type of person you are because hobbies of a person actually say a lot about them. Also, it is one easy question to pop as it is neither too personal and still you get the related info about your date. You can ask them to elaborate why they enjoy a particular things, for example

Favorite Places In The City

If you are in their city or belong to the same city, you have another amazing topic to start when things are getting awkward. Start by asking his or her favorite place to hang out in the city. This can actually be a very interesting topic and can be stretched further because you two have been around in the city and discussed what you like and dislike about your place. Even if you are visiting them in their city, you can still pop the same question as it will only help you figure out which places you should consider visiting and the places you need to strike off your list. Once they mention a few places, carry the conversation forward by asking what is so great about that particular place and you can also urge your date to take you to those places for a better experience. 

Foodie Or No Foodie

You may not know this but food can actually be a very good conversation starter for anyone because just like there is no end to food dishes, there is no end to the topics related to them. Actually food can actually bring people closer. You can start by asking if he or she is a foodie or not. If the answer is yes, congratulations, you just opened a box of interesting topics for yourself.

Now you can go ahead to ask about their favorite dishes, if they like to cook or not, their favourite places to binge eat any day, what dish they like from that particular place and so on. See, hundred of food related questions just for a simple answer ‘yes’. I just pray that he or she is, but just in case they are not, the topic has to die there and you can pop the next question on the list. You can order cake online, so you get to know more about their tastes. 

Say On The Idea Of Good Life

You can have a clear vision of someone by asking them about their take on a happy life. What is their idea of a happy life, it may be a very simple question but you know it has many answers.

These are some interesting conversation starters for your first date.