Caution: “The Don’ts” One Should Never Do During Valentine’s Week

Caution: "The Don'ts" One Should Never Do During Valentine’s Week

Ah, Valentine’s day is almost here. See, whether you just got hit by a cupid, or you are already in a relationship for a long time now or you are as single as the single socks who lost its pair, nothing should be the reason you don’t make any plan for 14 February. Your relationship status should not direct your Valentine’s day celebration. Get yourself and people you adore some Valentines day gifts and make the day much more memorable.

However, this article is written to enlighten you with the “DON’TS” that have ruined many lives and Valentine’s week celebrations. Regardless the fact you are mingle, single or friendzoned by someone special, here are a few things that you should definitely never do during Valentine’s day week. Wondering what they are, already? Let’s, hop into the article now and find out the very important don’ts that you should keep in mind. 

Text Your Ex

This is the foremost warning for everyone out there. Your intensed singleness might creep loneliness in your life, but here what you should never do is to text your ex. Yes, don’t be a stupid ass or a desperate one to text your ex especially on Valentine’s day. You might end up getting stung by the same snake twice. Those who are happily coupled, should not text their exes just for a kind gesture since the past has the potential to ruin your present. I am sure, you don’t want that right?

Ignoring Other Events Before V-day

We are on the same page if you believe that love should not be celebrated on one such particular day, however, it is something to be cherished for a lifetime. However, there are some people who really consider celebrating Valentine’s week as it’s their way of expressing their love and care for their special one. So, if you are planning to surprise your bae on V-day and ignore all other days like rose day, hug day, promise day and most importantly chocolate day, you gonna lose it big time. The other events are as significant as Valentine’s day. The entire week has its importance so, I warn you not to ignore the rest. 

Forgetting The V-Day Cake

Don’t be a sinner by not getting a Valentines day cake on D-Day. Yes, a cake has its own significance that you should not forget. It is a medium that conveys your love for your sweetheart. Moreover, it would be a big turn off for your darling if you don’t satisfy their dessert crafting especially if they have a sweet tooth. So, grab your darling’s favorite cake and make him or her drool over the cake completely so that they can drool over you later.

Being Desperate For A Match

Watching all the cute and romantic couples around you might force you to long for a partner more. However, being all desperate and pressuring someone or asking a random person to be your Valentine would be of no good either. Even if you are able to get a match, don’t pressurise the other person regarding the day’s celebration since it might make them repent coming on a date with you. Be gentle and play it cool. Get them Valentine’s day flowers and impress them with your moves first. 

Don’t Breakup

No matter how bad the other person is getting on your nerves and you just want to disappear into thin air, just don’t break up with your partner on this day. They might forget you after sometime, but every year, on Valentine;s day, they would curse you for leaving such a memory of the day. 

So, these are the life saviour “DON’Ts” that would help you make your Valentine week much more special and fun-filled. Most importantly, the chances of getting yelled upon by your sweetheart would be very very less.