Subtle Signs That Scream You Have Fallen For Someone

Subtle Signs That Scream You Have Fallen For Someone
Subtle Signs That Scream You Have Fallen For Someone

Are you yet uncertain whether you have been bewitched by someone special? Well, there are a few symptoms when you fall for someone that will brush off all your confusion. That ear wide smile on your face and you don’t even have a reason behind it, getting that adrenaline rush and butterflies in your tummy, or letting your friends tease you with that person’s name are the common signs that indicate that you have fallen for that person helplessly.

By this time, you do find Valentine’s day celebration important whereas, a few years back, you thought it completely a waste of time and money. Aren’t you looking for romantic Valentine day gifts online for that person? However, you are unsure that you should get them the gifts as of now or not. Well, let me be clear on this ground that you should be confident enough about how you feel for that person.

Here are some subtle signs that will help you find out your feelings for the person and will bring clarity to your thoughts. So, are you eager to know them? So, let’s plunge into the article right away.

Do They Sprint In Your Thoughts 24*7

No matter what you do wherever you go, you do think of them without even trying, right? If yes, then, this is one of those signs that indicates your strong affection and inclination for someone special. You cannot help but make them run a marathon in your mind. If you have been facing such a scenario in your life, then, my friend, you are halfway there falling for that person. 

They Become Your Priority

If you happen to have a good connection and bonding with them, you ultimately end up making them your priority. Yes, you make arrangements in your schedule as per keeping them as your priority. Making them your priority over others is one clear sign that you have been smitten by that person. The clear indication of this aspect is that you start getting discredited by your close one every now and then for showing your back on them for that person. 

 You Don’t Find Others Attractive

If you have fallen for someone, you don’t intend to find others attractive. You see very pretty faces but they are just mere faces to you. The only attractive face that you find that lights up your eyes as soon as you see them. So, this Valentine’s day, tell them how pretty they are to you by getting them online Valentine flowers and make them go red and blush for you. 

You Adapt Their Habits

Every person has their individual personality and traits. You must be having yours and that person having their own. However, when you start spending time with them, you happen to acquire their traits and habits. If you notice the similarity in your thoughts as they have, or you talk a like. 

You Get An Urge Of Saying Those Magical Words

Whether you are uncertain about your feelings for that person yet, you might have said “I Love You” to them countless times in your head, right? Yes, you must be very eager to tell these magic words to that person spellbound with the magic of love.

You Practice Things In Your Mind Before Presenting To Them

You would be lying if you wouldn’t accept that you have been practising the things in your mind before you actually speak to them. You want to make sure that you don’t pop out shit out of your mouth and screw up things. 

So, if you are able to connect to these points without thinking twice, then, my friend you have surely fallen for that person.