DIY Christmas Gift Ideas to Add a Personal Touch to your Gifts!

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas to Add a Personal Touch to your Gifts!
DIY Christmas Gift Ideas to Add a Personal Touch to your Gifts!

Don’t you agree that it can be a head scratcher when looking for unique Christmas gifts for employees? But that surely doesn’t mean that your celebration should be deprived of gifts. With the holiday season in full swing, everyone is busy preparing for the grand festival of the year. You will run into your neighbors in the market places more than you will meet them in your neighborhood because everyone is busy picking up perfect gifts for friends and family. Finding special Christmas gifts every year can be a tricky task. So, why not gift something that you can say proudly you have put thought into it? Yes, I’m talking about homemade gifts. If you want to do something different this year, then present something which comes straight from your heart. 

DIY seems like great ideas until, you know, you have to do it yourself (like literally). We all love receiving handmade gifts, but when it comes to making one, we usually break a sweat, right? You might be thinking that why to bother yourself with DIY gifts? That is because homemade gifts mean so much more than the readymade one. So, this list has easy to make gifts that will add a personal touch top your gifts.

Time to show some creativity!!!

Gingerbread house Mug topper

A mug topper is a sweet and simple gift. It is a mini gingerbread house mug topper that will help to dress up a basic mug of hot chocolate. It is a miniature version of the bigger gingerbread house. The mini version might look complicated to make, but it totally follows the same recipe as the bigger one. 

A trendy mason jar pack

The most simplest DIY is this trendy mason jar pack. All you have to do is, take a cute little mason jar and fill it with everything useful like nail paints, manicure and pedicure kit, or eatable like different tea flavors. Try to coordinate the color of items inside for more uniformity. I think you can do that much. 

Bubble bath gift set

No cheating here, please. You have to create your own version of the bubble bath gift box. I know there are sets readily available out there, but those sets do not contain all products of a person’s choice. So, when you go for customizing it yourself, you can curate the box with all the products of the receiver’s taste and preference. 

Gingerbread fudge

How can I not list a gift for foodies? After all, it’s their Christmas too. In fact, it’s the best time for them with all the food around. So, if you know someone who has a sweet tooth, then here is an ideal gift for them. Make gingerbread fudge and pack them in a cute box. Oh! And don’t forget to keep some for yourself too. 

These DIY’S are inexpensive Christmas gift ideas that you can make from home. It’s time to defeat Santa in the gifting department! Christmas is just two weeks away now. So you should get down to work because DIY’s need some planning ahead.