Gifts, Cakes, Santa – There’s much more to Christmas this time


Unequivocally, Christmas is the most lively time of the year around the world. Be it the festive fever or the eagerness to welcome the next year, the day brings its own charm. For the most reason, because of the secret gifts that people receive on the day. In fact, children are wholeheartedly into decorations just to see what Santa has left for them. Although it’s a little heartbreaking when they realize Christmas gifts are not delivered by a man riding on reindeer. Anyway, the tradition of gifting is still the one we look forward to every year. 

Nowadays, Christmas is mostly about work parties or private get-togethers. However, they are also held out for a couple of years due to covid. So this time, let’s add something special to make the day remarkable. Spread a smile to your loved ones with some exquisite Christmas gifts picked up especially for you via Winni.


The first image that pops up in our head when hearing the word ‘Christmas’ is the tree and plants decorated with lights and stuff. With this thought, what’s better than giving away a plant as a Christmas gift? They are a perfect present to lighten up your surroundings and make them more lively. Besides, they improve the air quality, ultimately being good for your health. In that way, they are relatively better than flowers. 

The best time to get a plant was 25 years ago, the second best time is today. In addition, plants uplift the mood and bring out the nurturing nature in you. And let’s not forget, a beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house. For the record, mistletoe is the traditional plant for the day as it promotes love

Christmas essentials

When we say Christmas essentials, we mean things that are necessary for the occasion. Therefore, giving them as a gift will both be useful and save them a penny! You can go for Christmas cookies, Christmas stockings, Christmas glasses, Santa hats, Santa dolls, LED bottles, and decorative items such as bells, balls, tags, stars, cans, and more. When the person will put up these things, it will remind them of you and the fact that you thought of getting something useful. However, keep in mind that the basket should reach the recipient before the day. Otherwise, it will not make any sense. 

Other than this, you can also go for Christmas cards, posters, signs, and other printed items because it’s always better written than spoken. Bright Christmas LED trees and scented candles are a good choice too. 

Customized gifts this Christmas

In case your gift will reach the loved one at midnight or the next day, the best thing to go for a Christmas gift is customized items. You can print a message on a cushion, mug, t-shirt, bottle, and other things. Also, the message can be replaced by a picture that can also go on a lamp, key chain, photo frames, beer mugs, and more. To make it extra fun, go with our personalized Merry Christmas caricature or Christmas Santa tree available at Winni. The best thing about these presents is that they are more thoughtful and are certain to lightning up the mood.

Thanks to Winni, you don’t need to plan prior before going for a customized gift. Interestingly, you can get them prepared within a few hours. 

Christmas Gift hampers

If none of the above options excites you much, the last thing to for with is Christmas gift hampers. These baskets from Winni will include a little of everything to make your gift whole. For instance, it will comprise a few chocolates, a Christmas tree, some cookies, a sants hat, decoration stuff, and more. We have multiple such options that you can choose from. The best part is, you will get the lot that will not rip a hole in your pocket.

Cakes & Chocolates for Christmas

Needless to say, cakes and desserts are inseparable from any occasion, including Christmas. As a matter of fact, eating a cake is said to be the fastest and cheapest way to be happy. As for December 25th, Winni’s bakery has multiple options that serve the theme beautifully and deliciously. Moreover, we have candies made especially for the occasion. But be cautious, they may be so pretty that you wouldn’t want to break them. These cakes, chocolates, and candies do not have to be a gift itself. You can pair them up with other little things to make it look all Christmas-y.

We hope that you have picked up the perfect Christmas gift to surprise your loved one. Don’t forget, they are also working to send you a smile. Allow Winni to send the magic of Christmas to your loved ones and bring them joy and happy memories.