Santa Claus And Christmas Tree: The Essentials of Christmas!

Santa Claus

Christmas: the name itself is synonymous with laughter, joy, festivities, and the spirit of giving. Santa Claus and the Christmas tree are the two iconic symbols that speak up for the festival itself. The lights, decorations, and weather indeed make it the most beautiful time of the year. What makes it more cherishable is the timeless tradition that is cherished by everyone, especially young souls. They are the reason to hold the family together as well as create a magical atmosphere. After all, they are the ones who believe in Santa Claus coming all the way from the North to spread the magic. 

Santa Claus: The Jolly Old Man in Red 

Every Christmas celebration revolves around Santa Claus. We decorate our house for him and the children wait to receive gifts from him. In fact, you can make your toddler act better throughout the year just by saying “If you don’t behave well, Santa will not come this year.” Also known as the Father Christmas, Santa Claus is a symbol of generosity and kindness. On Christmas Eve, children eagerly await Santa to keep presents under the Christmas tree. Besides, their hope to find a deserving gift is the essence of the festival. 

Santa Claus

Well, to keep the innocence alive in this digital era, you could always make a little extra effort to make Santa Claus come alive for you! To begin with, you can capture the magic of Santa Claus in your Christmas decorations, Christmas outfits, Christmas gifts, Christmas parties, as well as Christmas dinner. All you have to do is consider incorporating classic red and white colors in everything you have in your hands. Moreover, you can always have that iconic Santa hat and reindeer hairbands to the rescue. Other than this, here’s what you can teach your little ones.

How to Draw Santa Claus?

This Christmas, teach the young ones to draw Santa. This will boost their creativity and you could always use the drawing in the decorations. If you’re how to draw Santa Claus, here are a few simple steps to create your festive masterpiece.

  1. Sketching Shapes: Begin your drawing by sketching the basic shapes that make up Santa’s body. This includes a round head, an oval torso, and cylindrical arms and legs. Nothing could be more easier than this, right?
  2. Adding Details: Once you have a rough body structure, start adding details like Santa’s beard, twinkling eyes, and rosy cheeks. Also, don’t forget the signature red hat, suit, belt, and sack.
  3. Elaborate Feature: You don’t want a poker face for your Santa. So, give him a cheerful expression as he says HO! HO! HO. Other than the facial details, you can always fluff him to make it extra holiday-ish.
  4. Adding Depth: Now that you have a sketch ready, look out for anything missing or extra. Use bold lines to highlight his features and erase any unnecessary lines. 
  5. Coloring: Keep the vibrant reds, whites, greens, and browns in handy. However, you could always allow the children to use colors of their choice to bring out their creativity. 
Santa Claus Drawing

TIP: Add shading to create depth and dimension.

Christmas Tree: A Timeless Symbol of Optimism

Needless to say, there’s no Christmas without a Christmas tree. In fact, it serves as a focal point for festive decorations. For a long time, decorating evergreen trees has been a tradition. The twinkling lights, stars, and other ornaments on the tree create a warm and inviting atmosphere for everyone. 

Christmas Tree

How to Draw a Christmas Tree?

Another artistic endeavor your child can do this Christmas is to draw a Christmas tree. Creating your own festive tree is literally as easy as it looks. Here how.

  1. Sketch the Tree Shape: A Christmas tree is shaped triangular. You can make it as tall or as short as you like.
  2. Draw Branches: Add branches to the tree, extending from the main trunk. To give it a more realistic look, make sure to draw shorter as you move upward.
  3. Decorate with Ornaments: Draw waving twinkling lights by adding small circles or dots. Alternatively, you can decorate the branches with stars, gifts, or other shapes that represent ornaments.
  4. Top it Off: The emphasis of a Christmas tree is the topper. You can draw a star, an angel, or Santa Claus at the peak of the tree.
Christmas Tree Drawing

Santa Claus and the Christmas tree add fun, joy, and warmth to the holiday season. Whether you’re enjoying the tradition or gearing up for a Christmas party, your drawing supplies can make your celebrations memorable and uplift the holiday spirit.