7 Facts About Santa Claus Which We Bet, You Didn’t Know!

7 Facts About Santa Claus Which We Bet, You Didn’t Know!
7 Facts About Santa Claus Which We Bet, You Didn’t Know!

As Christmas approaches, it is the candies, Christmas gifts, delectable treats, and most importantly, the Santa that is on our brains. Santa and his mysterious tales are as old as the grey hair on his beard. We all have grown up listening to these tales, and our excitement speaks volumes about the curiosity to meet Santa Claus in real life. However, we still itch our heads on the same question every time that from where that jolly, white-bearded old man with a big pot belly came into existence? Well, here are some facts that unfold the evolution of the North Pole resident who gets us the best Christmas gifts without fail.

1- Yes, The Origin Of Santa’s Existence Was Real

Although the folklore about Santa’s existence turned into an old man that was a distributor of gifts and had a ride of a sleigh led by 8 flying reindeers yet his existence was real. It was loosely based upon a man, St. Nicholas (a Bishop of Myra), born in the year 270. He bagged the title of an anonymous gift-giver since he paid the dowry for poverty-stricken girls. He would often found handing out coins and treat children. Soon after the death of Nicholas, he was canonized as the saint who was the benefactor of children.

2- Santa Claus Has Been Around For 200 Years Only

In the Dutch tradition, the story of St. Nicholas was growing as the story of Sinterklaas, the Bishop who, on the night of every 5th December, traveled house to house to distribute gifts and treats to children. It was in 1773, that a story appeared on a New York City Newspaper, in which the name “Santa Claus” flashed.

3- Santa Used To Undergo His Missions Down Through A Chimney

The Satires of Washington Irving characterized Santa as a “lanky bishop,” who was a plump and smoked a pipe. Also, it was in Irving’s writing that mentioned Santa’s sliding down the Chimneys for distributing the gifts. No wonder why Christmas gifts bring along so much excitement along.

4- Here Come The Reindeers Into The Action

“Twas the Night Before Christmas” which is the more popular name of Clement Moore’s poem, A Visit From Saint Nicholas, was the first one to popularize and introduce many characteristics of Santa. Here when his droving of a sleigh with 8 Reindeers came into the picture.

5- “Coca-Cola” The Modernized Source Of Mr. Claus

Initially, when Father Santa gained popularity, he used to wear various colored robes such as blue, purple, green, and brown. In the late 1880’s, the famous red suit of Claus became his primary outfit. However, the ever jolly white beardo modern Santa was introduced in 1931 in a widely- circulated Coco-Cola’s campaign.

6- Introduction Of The Department Store Santa!

The Department Store Santa, which is a 120-year-old tradition, was first traced to be the Massachusetts businessman, James Edgar. This businessman is credited with turning up with the idea of using a dressed-up Santa in a departmental store as a marketing tool. The children were in the state were enthralled with Santa and dragged their parents to Edgar’s small good store, and hence, it became a renowned tradition worldwide.

7- Till The Late 1800s, Santa Was A Bachelor:

The idea of Mrs. Claus found its way in various publications such as Harper’s Magazine and the Yale Literary Magazine after it was first published in James Rees’ short story A Christmas Legend.

So, here summing up the facts about our favorite gifts distributor, Santa Claus. As Christmas is all about sharing love, time, and not to forget, the gifts, it’s time to stop thinking about the best Christmas gift ideas and instead start buying them for your loved ones now. Be it Christmas cake or the Christmas tree, the festival’s every element triggers the spirit of joy, especially among children. So, what are you waiting for, make your kids believe in these undying stories? Be the secret Santa and get the Christmas gifts for kids now.

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