Change the trend this men’s day with the way you choose and send gifts


It’s been a trend to gift wallets and belts to men or maybe clothes on their special occasions. We at Winni decided to give it a pass this time and focus on items that touched the emotional cord this men’s day for all men. Men’s day is coming when you can surprise your special men in life for their extraordinary personalities. He may be your dad, husband, brother, and friend whom you want to greet on this remarkable day. The main purpose of celebrating this special men’s day is to appreciate men’s contribution towards society and family. All men deserve special treatment and meaningful gifts on this remarkable day. So, this is the right time to make all men feel special by giving them some unexpected presents. Men hardly get any appreciation and recognition for the extraordinary efforts that they put for the betterment of their families. This men’s day, you can change the trend of gifting with some extraordinary ideas to delight your special men. Here we are with a list of fantastic gifts that you can choose and send to surprise them.

Send a Cake this men’s day 

A cake is one of the main desserts to mark any special occasion of the year. When it comes to commemorating this special event of Men, you can surely order or send a cake this men’s day to your special men. You have the option to prepare a designer cake to acknowledge the great person of your life. It is important to choose their favorite flavors and ingredients to give unforgettable memories of the celebration. Another option is to go with a themed cake or photo personalized cake to refresh moments of joy. You need to design a men’s day themed cake by considering his unique hobbies or passion. If he is at his workplace, you can send a cake to his office to relish him on this most awaited day of the year. It will surely help to make the recipient feel special on this remarkable occasion. 

A personalized photo frame will be a good option

If you want to enchant your special man with something fantastic on a memorable occasion, you can go with this personalized photo frame. An ideal way is to select beautiful pictures of past events to design an attractive photo frame for him. It can be a perfect room decor for him that he can place in his living room. You must add a thoughtful quote or title on the photo frame to acknowledge his personality on this men’s day. Another idea is to select different pictures of his achievements to make a beautiful photo collage on this remarkable event. If you want to make it more charming for him, you should design a big photo canvas to express your deep affection and gratitude towards him. It will surely help to strengthen your bond with the person. 

Water Bottles Personal grooming items and caricatures make men drool

The gift selection for men can be a little confusing for most of the women. If you want to make it more interesting for your special man this men’s day, you can buy personal grooming items to surprise him. You can make a complete grooming kit for your special man to show deep care for him. Add all the items like face wash, shaving kit, deodorant, and other essential products that he uses regularly. He may have preferences in grooming products he regularly uses for office or party. So, you should consider his favorite brand in the best grooming items for him. You can make this gift more special by adding a personalized water bottle and caricatures to pass your eternal emotions from the heart. You will get many options in customized water bottles for men. Select his favorite color to put a big smile to his face. Another interesting idea is to make a cool caricature of his unique personality to surprise him on this remarkable occasion. Try to select his funny posture to show how much you know him personally. If you know his favorite artist, then you can surprise him with that artist’s caricature to give him surprising moments of the day. He will surely appreciate such a fabulous collection of thoughtful gifts from your end. 

Bouquets and Plants for his office desk will surely make his day

Flowers are the best gift options to create a beautiful aroma for your loved ones. This men’s day, you can surprise your special man with a designer floral gift. It should be an attractive bouquet of his favorite blooms to give unexpected moments of the day. Flowers also help to send best wishes and gratitude to the special someone. So, it is essential to amaze him with a mixed floral gift for this memorable event of men worldwide. Another approach is to personalize the bouquet with mixed flowers and photos to showcase your deep emotions. The flowers can be like carnations, gerberas, orchids, and lilies, etc. then choose a vibrant floral arrangement to give him some pleasurable moments of the day. If he is a plant lover, then you have another option to go with beautiful indoor green plants this men’s day. You have different choices in indoor plants like money plants, peace lilies, lucky bamboo plants, Spider plants, Syngonium plants, and many more to provide a lovely token of appreciation. These indoor plants are also best for his office desk to make his day. He will be pleased to get such a wonderful combo of bouquets and green plants this men’s day.