4 Classic Flowers to Decorate for a New Year’s Eve Party


Are you ready to host the most happening new year party in the town? With new year lined up after Christmas, get ready with the best outfits from your closets because, hey! Its party season. While you are all dolled up for the new year’s party, wouldn’t you like to beautify your interior space as well?

Well, if you want to host a party that becomes the talk of the town, then along with Dj and food, the decoration department should also get a little attention too. Don’t you agree that it’s the decoration of the venue that boosts our party vibes? Well, for that, you don’t need a big budget because you can add charm to your party with flowers.

Well, flowers are those multi-talented creations that fit in every type of list. Want to send flowers to your loved ones? They got you covered. Looking for gifts for valentines? Valentine’s flowers are there for the rescue. And now, for the new year decoration, tada! Presenting you with a list of new year flowers that will grace the venue of your new year’s eve party. Irrespective of how cold it is outside, there are flowers that you can choose for a blooming start of 2020.
Let’s begin


Opening the list with a ruffled beauty, carnations. Don’t you feel that carnations being so pretty are underappreciated? This flower provides a lot of versatility because it is available in a wide array of colors. Choose a color that adds a contrast to the theme of the big celebration. You can use carnations as a centerpiece on the tables as carnations look beautiful when cut short. It provides a round shape to any arrangement.


One word that comes to our mind when we hear the word orchids is ‘exotic,’ right? This flower is royal and classy. You must have spotted orchids in bouquets only, and sure they rock! But it is very easy to incorporate orchids in home decoration as well. This flower rules in flower pots, as centerpieces, or wreaths for doors. Add a classy touch to your dining area. Just choose some type of crystal vase to match up the royal vibe of this flower.


You must be already expecting this flower on the list, right? Roses automatically appear whenever talking about flowers, and to be honest, this list would be incomplete without them. You can use roses anywhere from vases to floor decoration, wall hangings and wreaths to hang it on the entrance. If using rose sticks in pots, place the pots randomly in your guest room, bedroom, living area. Welcome your guests with warm hugs of fragrance.


Gerbera is the most popular cut flower used for decoration purposes, and they are readily available too. Gerberas are used for decorating, firstly because of their prominent appearance and secondly because it is available in different colors. Use these flowers to cover the empty spaces in your living spaces.

This is a list of simple flowers that are readily available. You can even add flower petals in balloons that you are going to burst as soon as the clock strikes 12.