Decoration Haul To Prepare Your Home For The Holiday Season

Ready to trim your tree before the holiday season kicks in? It’s the first step to garnish your home with christmassy decorations to set in the holiday mood, right? I know I know the “best time of the year” is actually at least a month away. If you want to dip every inch of your home in festive spirit, then it’s the perfect time to begin. A little by little each day will add up to the decor until you can shout out ‘Merry Christmas’. 

The year of 2020 is soon about to end. Although it was a dreadful year that will definitely go up in the history textbooks, Christmas and new year are a perfect chance to end the year on a happy note. Enjoy this time with your friends and family eating cakes, watching movies on Christmas eve. Holidays are just about christmas cake and traditions, also there is much more to do – decorations being the centre of the idea of celebrations. If you want some inspiration for your holiday decor, you can take a cue from this piece. Introducing some refreshing, chic ways to deck up your halls. Whether you like traditional decoration, or a bit on- trend is your thing, you will definitely find something on the list that you will want to recreate. To kick start your little creativity in your big or small space, feast your eyes with holiday decor ideas. 

Layering is the key

Whether it’s your fashion trend or decor ideas, layering is the key to everything. You can play with different objects to create the layering effect. While doing so, keep in mind that you should use different sized objects so that the idea is properly executed. For instance, you can start by hanging a paper crafted snowflake to your ceiling, then for the table, you can use long candles and candle holders. Like this, you will give the onlooker enough material to look at. 

Stock up candies

If you are entertaining your friends and family this festive season, then let me remind you to stock up candies. Aside from filling candies only in the stockings, you can do a lot more with these candies. Fill colorful candies in a glass bowl and place it on the dinner table so everyone can pop in some candies while chit chatting. So, when you order cake online for Christmas eve, dont forget to order a handful candies to excite the kids. 

Focus on the candles and lights

Another amazing idea to decorate your house with a holiday vibe is by keeping the focus on candles and lights instead of garlands. Sure, garlands are great and all, but take a break from putting them everywhere. Fill your mantle with different sized candles in subtle colours. Also, fairy lights are your go-to decoration idea for every festival. You can put some light at the back of your bed, fill in light in a jar to make an amazing centerpiece. Admit it, crafting decoration at home is a fun holiday activity of its own.

Pick the nude colour palette

Now, before you judge me, I know it very well that red and green are the typical colour of the christmas festival. But just because that’s the colour palette world has been using, doesn’t mean that you too have to stick with it. You can go for a softer selection of colours that will make your place look ‘oh so wow’. You have more options like settling in for a nude colour palette as it fills in your home with warmth. The colour of the season are creams, pinks and oranges for a fun, refreshing yet classic makeover to your place. 

Focus on the entrance

The entrance of your house is the most important area to focus on while upgrading your decor. So, don’t make the mistake to leave it as it is. Make it playful by hanging garlands, flower wreath, lights, a cute welcome mat etc. you can even hang a playful mailbox, you know, for Santa to drop in gifts and all. 

These are a few decoration hauls to prepare your home for the holiday season. 

Just keep in mind that you don’t need to incorporate all the ideas, keep whatever floats your boat.