List Of Favourite Holiday Movies To Binge Watch On OTT Right Now!

List Of Favourite Holiday Movies To Binge Watch On OTT Right Now!
List Of Favourite Holiday Movies To Binge Watch On OTT Right Now!

Who all are jumping to the christmas day in pyjama and decided to stay in? Me too. Personally,  I love christmas, and everything about it. Christmas decorations, christmas treats, holidays, cozy naps and a happier world, what’s there not to love. Everything is much better around the season of holidays 

The city is turned into a fairy land with lights and decorations hung in every corner, this may get you in the mood to do something more delightful, right? But soon, the frightful weather will freeze all your plans and you may decide to drop all planCs and stay by the fire. Well, the chilly winters is a perfect excuse to cancel your plans with friends without any guilt. Well, for us lazy souls, there are so many activities to kill time. This time, I’m planning to binge watch some amazing content that digital platforms are getting ready for. Parties and all are great, but nothing can match the fun of wearing matching Christmas pajamas, tucked in a chunky throw blanket with a hand in a box of Christmas cake. Thank god we have come a long way from cable channels days as now,  new content is available on OTT every other day. You can go for the same Christmas special, or try some new movies to have a fun time. If you are interested in new content, let me give you some cool movies that are perfect to watch all day and night this holiday season. This list of movies will set in a holiday spirit. 

Last holiday

First on the list is a movie named ‘last holiday’. Can you make any guesses with the name? I think some of you must have seen this movie as it is a popular holiday season pick. The plot of the movie is simply amazing and you will love the execution as well. I don’t want to spoil your fun, so a short and crisp glimpse would be fine. The story is about a woman who is mistakenly diagnosed as a terminal patient. This woman who has always taken her savings seriously now spends them to take a holiday in Europe as it may be her ‘last holiday’. The fun starts when she is released and she was mistakenly diagnosed and now she is out of money as well. 

The snowman

Fond of animated movies? Then you can give a try to the movie called “the snowman”. It is a very gorgeous animated  movie that depicts the adventure of a young boy with his snowman. The movie is a short length, so it can be a quick watch before you settle in for a movie marathon. I know animated movies may feel like a kid’s pick, and even this movie is based on a children’s book but let me tell you that the execution of the movie themes innocence and impermanence which can be a total tear jerker irrespective of the age of the audience. So, if you are not very fond of animated movies, give this movie a try, it might change your perception. Else, next movie option coming your way. 

A Christmas prince

As the name suggests, the movie is based on a Christmas. Okay, to be honest, at first glance, you may not like the movie and can say it is a total Christmas garbage. But if you are patient enough to go along, it will take you on a  ride to finally realise that it is actually a perfect Christmas stuff.. It is a story about a girl who is a journalist and a rogue prince who lives in a country that actually does not exist. Everything in this movie is as imaginary as the Santa clause. Now, you understand why I called it “perfect Christmas stuff”? The movie sure has got love from the audience and so they have made three parts in continuation. 

White reindeer

It’s really tough to pick movies from endless great content. Well, next I have shortlisted a move called white reindeer. It is a fun movie about a girl who’s world turns upside down when her husband dies unexpectedly right before Christmas. Then she realises that he was having an affair with a stripper. What comes next is a sad, sweet sex comedy. 

These are some movies you can go on watching during the holiday season.