Your Guide To Easy Go-To Cooking For When You Are Feeling Lazy!
Your Guide To Easy Go-To Cooking For When You Are Feeling Lazy!

Sometimes I wish I had access to a magic fridge or a portal where there was endless food. Every foodie will agree with me because good food is the only thing we live for. But the truth is there is no such place and you have to make efforts every time hunger strikes. 

With everything that keeps on happening in our typical life – waking up and getting ready for office, long working hours, lethargic dinner plans, basically the same old day routine can be boring, but your food need not be. Food is the only thing that keeps you motivated to stay on the track and get through the day. So, a boring food can kill your will to live (talking about people who live to eat). Also, After a tiring day, it is not fair to expect you to prepare something fancy for dinner. In fact indulging in hours of cooking would be the last thing you would like to do. It is completely understandable if your hands run for an online cake delivery to cut the efforts and still have the taste of life. Like this, if you want to add a few more delectable dishes to weekly hunger pangs, stay tuned. Following are some easy to make yummy cooking options for the days when you are feeling lazy but still want to satisfy your tummy. Back away from the same old instant maggi and make way for some quick snacking. 

Potato wedge nachos

Honestly, nachos can not be beaten when talking about snacking. They are the best snacking idea the world has got. Be it any country, nachos have a firm fan following everywhere. Be it at the movies, or you are having friends and family over your place or it is just the evening snacking time, nachos fill in every case. So, when your taste buds are calling for a crisp tasty snack but your hands and legs don’t want to work, grab a pack of nachos and dip them in a saucy potato wedge, tomatoes and basil mix. It is an upgrade to your same lovable snack. 

No bake energy balls

Here is a snack that is delicious and will satisfy your sugar craving as well and it doesn’t even involve baking. Can any snake be more simple? I think not! This is an energy ball, which is a healthy version of snacks and will give you a jolt of instant energy after a tiring hectic day. The balls are made with oatmeals, the presence of dates and maple syrup make them sweet naturally. Vanilla and mini chocolate chips are perfect to give a warm flavour. You can make some in advance and store it. 

Tossed salad with ultimate green dressing

When not in a mood to make curry for your lunch or dinner, you can find an easy replacement with this recipe. You can toss in some vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, jalapeno, olives, carrots and some herbs like basils and oreganos for the flavoring. Sprinkle some lemon juice and top it with lettuce. An easy tossed salad with homemade dressing is a very healthy option. 

Instant chia pudding

Okay, this recipe is a huge hit amongst the lazy chefs. I think this is the simplest pudding that you can make for yourself to fill in your hunger and impress your tongue as well. The pudding is made of almond milk, banana, shredded coconut, chia seeds , oats and cinnamon for flavouring. All the ingredients blend well with each other to make a delectable indulgence. You can even present this to your guests on christmas eve when you get you a delicious christmas cake.  

Avocado toasts

I cannot tell you how many times this toast has saved my life when I’m dying of hunger. This toast is very easy to make and tastes yumilicious. You can say that it is the world’s easiest yet perfect snack. Only four things required, whole wheat bread, avocados, jalapenos and tomatoes and you are good to go. 

These are some really easy meal options you can whip up in minutes when you are feeling super dooper lazy.