Boozy Christmas Cocktail Ideas That Guarantee Good Cheeeers!
Boozy Christmas Cocktail Ideas That Guarantee Good Cheeeers!

What’s a Christmas party without cocktails? It’s just a party of heartbroken people. If you are planning to invite your friends and family over for this Christmas, don’t forget to add festive drinks to your menu. Even if you are planning to enjoy your own company, a few cocktails will only put in some extra holiday spirit. 

Eagerly waiting for the holiday season every year, you can get a dose of joy in your life. Sometimes i feel that they have purposely put this season at the end of the year so that everyone gets a fair chance to finish the year on a good note. Whatever you have done the whole year, or no matter how wretched your year may have been, holiday season with Christmas and new year are always there waiting in the end of every year to make things better. There is so much to celebrate in the holiday season, from decorations to buying delectable Christmas cake, everything is so enjoyable. So, this time, if you want to make this Christmas extra special, then I suggest you give cocktails a chance. We are here with amazing boozy cocktail recipes that will guarantee a good time for you and your friends. Whether you want to pour in something sweet, spicy or a berry punch to give it a seasonal touch, you will find the blend of everything below. Easy Christmas cocktails that are ready just in time for you to sit back and relax the eve and raise the glasses and shout out loud – cheeeeers!

Classic cranberry mojitos

On the top of the list is a classic cocktail, mojito. This is a people’s drink because everyone loves having a glass or two of mojitos. I can say that very few drinks are there that can compare to a classic mojito flavour. It is very light and minty making it a pretty refreshing cocktail that can be enjoyed on family events like christmas eve. To make this amazing cocktail, you need cranberry juice, rum and lots of lint for the flavour. The drink will take you to the tropical lands in the middle of winters. 

Tropical bourbon punch 

Wanna make christmas merrier and brighter, then this is the cocktail for you – the tropical bourbon punch. Serving cocktails on christmas definitely call for warm weather inspired cocktail ideas, bourbon spiked in the variety of juices like grapefruit juice, pineapple juice, the drink is ideal inspiration for such weather. If you enjoy a drink that has citrusy notes in its flavour, then you got your drink. Best part about this recipe is that it can be made in a large batch. That means it’s perfect for people who are expecting a large number of people at home. 

Peppermint bark hot chocolate

As the name reads – peppermint bark hot chocolate, can your cocktail be more festive than this one? I don’t think so, read the name carefully, it says hot chocolate and peppermint. Besides being so festive, the drink is super duper easy to whisk in, all you need to do is combine your hot chocolate with peppermint, load it with lots of whipped cream and don’t forget the key ingredient, Vodka! After all that’s what makes this drink much more comforting. Don’t blame me later cause this recipe is going to be your seasonal obsession. Just set your hot chocolate in slow cooker and keep a whipped cream can handy with a stock of vodka. 

Spicy bloody mary

Here is a drink that does not require a full christmas feast, you can enjoy it with your dessert as well. All you need to do is get an online cake delivery and pour in this cocktail to make a crowd pleasing combo. As promised, here is a boozy cocktail that has a hint of spice. Perfect drink add a kick to your holiday vibes with its pickled spice. 

White christmas margaritas

Want christmassy feels via cocktails that make you loose enough to set into holiday spirit? Then white christmas margaritas are waiting for you. Impress your guests with a drink that is snowy as well as dreamy. No need to dream of a white Christmas this year, because you have it here, i a glass, with tequila. Every sip of this drink is enjoyable

These are the cocktail ideas that will spice up your celebrations and assure a good time.