6 Signs That Prove You Have A Severe Sweet Tooth!
6 Signs That Prove You Have A Severe Sweet Tooth!

Want to find out where you rank on the sweet maniac scale? 

It is no sin being a big-time dessert lover. Drooling over desserts is quite understandable for anyone with a sweet tooth. However, people who say, “Nah, I am not fond of desserts” when offered a cookie or a brownie, are hard to believe. Like, seriously? What in the world makes these people hate these heavenly delicacies?

Anyways, I have met people who rank one on this scale (suppressed sweet lovers) and also people who rank 10 (unquestionable dessert lovers), and here I am on 14 (yes, that’s what desserts mean to me). From the first thought in the morning to the last in the night, desserts are always there on our minds. Moreover, if you are craving for one right now, you can order cake online, since I believe, there is no better option than having some iconic and classic cakes to quench your cravings.

Let’s get started with the signs which will reveal your position on this scale!

You Are Still Not Over Cupcakes: When everyone in the world moves on with the changing trends but you are still there, drooling over cupcakes as much as you did in the first instance, proves your consistency for a sugar rush.

You Are Still Not Over Cupcakes.

Do You Bring Cookies Into bed With You?: Do you consider cookies the best thing to receive your goodnight wishes from? Can’t say about you, but I do. Bringing a whole box of cookies to bed is the best way to ensure sweet dreams and sound sleep.

Do You Bring Cookies Into bed With You?

Right to Chocolate Every Day: Eating chocolates unapologetically every day is the right of every dessert maniac. These exotic chocolates are exotically blissful for us, right?

Right to Chocolate Every Day

Do You Drink Coffee Just To Dunk Biscuits/Cookies In It?: Dunking cookies or biscuits in your coffee is an art. And, we have mastered it already. Nothing could ever beat a cookie or a biscuit when looking for an accompaniment to your coffee.

Do You Drink Coffee Just To Dunk Biscuits/Cookies In It? 

Do You Rely On Cakes For Celebrations?: Wedding? Of course, Birthday? Absolutely, Monday Blues? Hell yeah! Cakes are the one-stop solution to your every problem. Just order birthday cakes online to bless your taste buds now.

Do You Rely On Cakes For Celebrations?

“What’s For Dessert?”: Be it your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, your sweet tooth craves for some mouth-watering delicacy after every meal, right? When “What’s For Dessert?” becomes the only question you ask after every meal, it is a clear indication that you have a big sweet tooth.

What’s For Dessert?

So, having a sweet-tooth is a curse and a blessing at the same. The constant urge to explore new desserts does not let you settle down for less, right? These signs strongly prove that you have a  serious case of sweet-tooth. Rank yourself on this scale and flaunt your sweet tooth with pride every day.