Cakes are one of the supreme delights which have made the whole world crazy with their lip-smacking flavors and beautiful appearance. Every country has its own way to satisfy the sweet tooth. Well, we all are aware of the famous phrase “old is gold,” and that’s the reason why traditional desserts are considered as unbeatable. From the Galette Des Rois of France to the Mawa Cake of India, Black Forest Cherry Cake of Germany to Dundee Cake of Scotland, each traditional cake has their own way of gratifying the taste buds of everyone. We have rounded up the great taste and flavor of the cake and come up with this blog to question you ,“Have you tried your favorite traditional dessert or not?” To know more about the traditional cakes of different countries around the world, just check out this blog. In today’s fast and growing world, one can easily savor these delights with the help of online cakes delivery services offered by cake portals.

Scotland: Dundee Cake

First in our list of traditional cakes is a Dundee cake which is a Scottish fruit cake filled with the goodness of raisins, sultanas, almonds and currant. This conventional delight is originated in the nineteenth century in Scotland which was made for the Mary Queen of Scots. She loved this fruit cake decorated with concentric circles of blanched almonds instead of cherries. Nowadays, Scottish whiskey is also added to the cake to add some flavor and moisture.

Mexico: Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches cake is traditionally from Mexico, but it has also gained popularity in all over South America. It’s a butter sponge cake which is soaked in three kinds of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream. That’s the reason why this cake is called “Three Milks Cake.” This traditional dessert of Mexico has different taste than other sponge cakes having the right amount of sweetness and density.

India: Mawa Cake

India is a diverse nation with a diverse variety of flavors and delectable desserts and one of them is a Mawa cake which is a milk-based cake with a perfect hint of cardamom and nuts like almonds or cashews. It’s moist, decadent, dense and delicious Indian cakes which are not overly sweet. You will always find this cake on the menu of every Irani/ Parsi cafe or bakery. Mawa cake is one of the most favorite treats of Mumbaikars.

Australia: Lamingtons

Another traditional cake, we have added in our list is a Lamington cake which is an iconic Australian dessert that you will love, but unfortunately, it has not gained the popularity what it really deserves. Its a two slices of sponge cake which is dipped in chocolate and then rolled in shredded coconut. A layer of raspberry is also added to give it moist taste as well as a brilliant appeal. Lamington cakes are so favorite in Australia that money making adventures are also called the “Lamington drives.”

Greece: Yogurt Cake with Orange Syrup

If you are in Greece and haven’t tried the traditional dessert of this place, so you are definitely missing your favorite dessert. A fluffy and colorful Greek yogurt cake with the moist scent and blend of fresh oranges and cinnamon is the best dessert ever, which can make your food experience even better. This traditional Greek cake named Portokalopita will go perfect with coffee and will surely give you an excellent Greek experience.

Japan: Mochi

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake, which is a traditional dessert for the Japanese New Year. The cake is made from the sweet rice flour mixed with water, steamed very well to form it into small pieces. These pieces are filled with red bean paste and dusted with confectioner’s sugar to give it a heart-tempting appeal. Now, this traditional Japanese rice cake is enjoyed by incorporating into modern dishes as well.

South Africa: VetKoek 

If you want to experience the unique taste of the cake, then you must try Vetkoek cake which is commonly known as “Fat Cake” that is usually crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. The word “cake” make you fall into the confusion, as it doesn’t look like a real cake. It’s more like pastry made of cake dough that is molded into small rounded balls and then deep fried in oil to give it an outside crispness. These rounded deep fried balls are topped with syrup or honey. You can also fill it with cheese or jam or anything to make it more delicious.

China: Mooncake

Mooncake is the traditional cake from China which is served during the Mid-Autumn festival, a Chinese lunar celebration. On that day, people offer mooncakes to the moon as it symbolizes the togetherness and wholeness. Mooncakes are round pastries which are enriched with the scrumptious fillings and adorned with decorative designs that reflect the festival’s legends.

Argentina: Chocotorta

Chocotorta is another version of chocolate cake which is commonly served as a birthday cake in Argentina. But this delight is more than the chocolate cake as it is a combination of dulce de leche (caramel), queso crema (cream cheese) and chocolinas (chocolate cookies). The recipe of Chocotorta cake is simple, so you can easily bake it at your home. So, next time, if you visit Argentina, then don’t forget to savor this yummy cake.

United States: Carrot Cake

Last in our list is Carrot cake which is popular in Europe and has become a traditional cake serves in the US especially as Easter desserts to celebrate this occasion with sweetness.. The cake is made with grated carrots, chopped almonds and walnuts, nutmeg and vanilla with the topping of cream-cheese frosting. Carrot cake is riched with sweet and spice flavors that’s addicting.

And there are so many countries which are known for their iconic traditional cakes. To experience the glimpse of such amazing delights, you can also visit Winni and savor the cakes loaded with immense sweetness.

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