There is nothing quite satisfying as a rich creamy, extra moist and delectable taste of the cake. It’s the heart of celebrations or special occasions. Nowadays, this scrumptious delight is not just a medium to gear up the joy of the celebration. It speaks all about the day. Thanks to the most talented cake designers all around the world who has come up with something magical to mark the big day. Their creativity, new decorating & presentation cake ideas and backbreaking work are the dramatic sign of the boom in the cake industry. They really push the boundaries of artistry and changed the definition of cake. Do you want to know about them, who they really are or about their masterpieces? We bring you a list of the professional cake artist who has created such a beautiful masterpiece that you can’t take your eyes off from them for a second. You can easily check out the glimpse of the best designer cakes as well as get the online cake delivery at your desired place via Winni. Get to know about the great cake artists more closely with the help of this blog. Keep reading to know more about them!

Buddy Valastro

A Cake Boss! Bartolo “Buddy” Valastro, Jr. is a well-known face among the ones who are really called the master bakers of the cake industry. He is an American celebrity chef, entrepreneur and star of the reality television series “Cake Boss” which was launched in April 2009 as well as also starred in other amazing shows Kitchen Boss (2011), The Next Great Baker (2010), and Buddy’s Bakery Rescue (2013). Buddy is the owner of “Carlo’s Bakery” and “Buddy V’s Events” (an event planning and catering company). Some of his innovations are Mighty Mike Alligator Cake, Atlantic City Casino Cake, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Roulette Cake, Carlo’s First Birthday Cake, Mysterious Mermaid Cake and many more make you fall in love at first sight.

Paul Hollywood

Paul John Hollywood is an English baker and celebrity chef who captured hearts and stomachs everywhere with amazing cake delights. He was well known for being a judge on his hit cooking show “The Great Bake Off” for three series since 2010 with fellow judge Mary Berry. From persuading the family business to becoming the head baker at numero of hotels, this son of a baker, Paul has faced the back-breaking struggles to become a famous celebrity chef. He began to be spotted as a guest in British television programs on the BBC and ITV. Besides his life story full of ups and downs, the thing which really pops up his name one of the most amazing bakers is the baking skills he used.

Samie J Ramachandran

Samie J Ramachandran is a Sugar Artist and director of the White Caps International School of Pastry. He is an award-winning cake artist in India who has taken the hearts of everyone with its amazing jaw-dropping artwork. After graduating as an engineer, he did a diploma in Baking and Cake art. After completing his diploma, he created a 15 feet Sea Dragon which has gained the media attention as well as appraisals. Such a great start of his baking career evoke a spark of passion in him and let him make another great show-stopping masterpiece, London Bridge. It was a huge cake which took two months to finish the work. His great creations are the reason behind his successful career.

Duff Goldman

Jeffrey Adam Duff Goldman is a pastry chef and a well-known television personality. He is the owner of Baltimore-based Charm City Cakes Shop where he showed off his creativity. Chef Goldman was the host of the hit Food Network show, Ace of Cakes for ten seasons which help him to bring his unique baking skills to the audience. He hosted many shows Sugar High, Kids Baking Championship, Halloween Baking Championship, Holiday Baking Championship, Spring Baking Championship, Duff Till Dawn etc. Recently, his new show Buddy vs Duff aired in March 2019.

Ron Ben-Israel

A famous Israeli pastry chef, the executive chef and owner of Ron Ben Israel Cakes in New York City. He made masterpieces for big-o-occasions, wedding. He has also hosted the cooking competition TV show “Sweet Genius” and currently a judge on Food Network’s “Cake Wars.” He is a celebrity pastry chef who has created some amazing masterpieces. His trendsetting cakes have been featured in countless TV shows, films and publications. It can also be spotted in many of New York’s premier hotels and venues.

Ashwini Sarabhai

Ashwini Sarabhai is another leading cake artist who was chosen by the Cake Masters as one of the Top 10 Cake Artists in India for 2017 as well as featured on the cover page of Cake Master Magazine. She is an electronic engineer by qualification but her hobby of cake baking and decorations became her passion. She recognizes the potential of her hobby and takes her interest to a new level. She is an owner “The Dream Cakes” where she turn imagination into reality by taking theme based cake orders.

The list is endless! The people on the list are the fine cake artists who perform their work beyond the other’s imaginations. Their culinary skills help them to curate the masterpieces for special occasions. We know that their cakes are great piece of art but if you really want to experience a glimpse of their artwork, then you can grab excellent cakes from the house of Winni at the best price. We hope that this blog will help you to know about the best cake artist around the world and sure to find delicious treats right here. If you find this blog helpful then don’t forget to leave your comment below.

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