Tips to Genuinely Apologize

“An apology is the superglue of life. It can repair just about anything.”

Have you hurt someone intentionally or unintentionally? You might have messed up with someone’s feelings, but a genuine apology can fix your broken relationship. I understand that saying “sorry” might be one of the hardest things you would ever have to do and it doesn’t come smoothly for most people (including me). It really takes courage to gulp down your pride and accept that you’re wrong. But trust me, its the right thing to do. While the word ‘sorry’ may sound cliche, there are other ways too to show that you are sorry for your deed without literally saying it. As someone who has always made blunders in relationships, I have now become an expert on how to apologize gracefully because the way of apologizing is what makes all the difference. Tips to genuinely apologize when you hurt someone’s feelings.

Understand When to Say Sorry

The first step to apologize is to understand when to say sorry. You caused someone pain even without intending to do so; you should still apologize. Even if you have to do it multiple times (because sometimes one time it’s just not enough) and reassure that it won’t be repeated again. But if you don’t regret your actions, then restrict yourself from offering an apology as it will only land up you in future conflicts. 

Know the Right Time

Though its never too late to apologize, before you bestow your apology on the other person, know if its a good time to do so. Your right time may not be the right time for the person to receive it. Maybe the person is preoccupied with some work, and you start forcing your apology on them. To do it the right way, ask the other person if he or she is free and if you have their undivided attention. You can even pre-plan a meeting if they agree. Timing can really make or break your chance to receive forgiveness.

First, Apologize in Person

You might have been friends with someone for years, but sometimes it all ends with just a wrong choice of word. But that doesn’t mean that things cannot be mended up. If you value the relationship more than your pride and try apologizing the person you hurt, face to face. Texting or any other detached way would be the last way you would want to use. Texting lacks emotions, and it may give an impression of a faux apology. Trust me, Talking to them in person is the best option. 

Flowers to the rescue

I agree that accepting your mistake in person can be awkward, and it takes a lot of courage to do so. So, to avoid such situation, order flowers online and get them delivered at their address this way you will not have to face them till they forgive you. You can even pen down a handwritten note, taking responsibility for your actions and club it with the flowers. Let your actions speak out loud for you how sorry you actually are. You know what they say “without deeds, you’re apology is worthless”.  

Choose the Right Words

If you are the one who ends up hurting people with their words, then while apologizing be careful with your language. I understand you would want to explain or justify yourself and your actions, but this is just not the right time to do so, and it will only bring you more dispute. Avoid starting your sentence with “I’m sorry if I hurt you,” or “I apologize, but.” This may give an impression that you are not sincere in your apology and over that you are justifying your wrong actions. Remember, an apology is not a point of winning or losing.

Take Responsibility

Did you cause pain to somebody? Be mature enough to take up the responsibility instead of playing blame games. Throughout our childhood, we have been taught to stand up for your wrong actions and be brave enough to apologize. This is the most challenging part to not to point out how the other person provoked you. Instead, take responsibility without complaining. Don’t forget to mention how you plan to rectify your mistake. This shows that you have actually given a thought on how to not repeat the same mistake in the future.

Knowing the art of apologizing (yes, its an art) in the right way will always keep you on the track. After all the efforts that you do to feel sorry, give them some time to think upon. It’s okay if you make mistakes, after all, that’s what makes you human. 

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