5 Uplifting Ways to Cheer Up Your BFF After a Bad Day

5 Uplifting Ways to Cheer Up Your BFF After a Bad Day
5 Uplifting Ways to Cheer Up Your BFF After a Bad Day

Is murder on your mind because someone just ruined your BFF’s day? You must be fuming in fire right now because a best friend is “jiggar ka tukda” who you can never see sad as it eventually makes you sad and you don’t want to be sad, right? So, anyone who is affecting you bestie, is indirectly affecting you. Okay that was a long enough speech to boil your blood even more. But stop, before you start looking for the best ways to murder someone, let me tell you something. As long as the life goes on, so do sufferings. If not this person, someone else will take the seat. So, understand that life is a pretty rough journey and you can fight everyone who hurts your pal. He or she may have had a worst day at office, or their partner may be giving them a tough time. All you can do is try and make them feel better. 

I know nothing feels worse than seeing your cheerleader in pain, they are the ones who are supposed to be as chirpy as birds. But things don’t always remain the same, they might get stressed, sad or even depressed at times. Being a caring friend, you can try to cheer them up. Generally we try to put advice in their ears when something goes wrong, but actually this is not the right time for advice, an online cake delivery may help though. Here are some quick fixes to make your gal pal smile again when the day sucks for them. 

Let’s Go Grab A Bite

If you really are best friends, you will easily make it out through their voice over call if they are having a rough day. When you have figured it out, it’s time for some cheering up. Instead of asking them what’s wrong and reminding them of it all over again, offer to take them out after work for food or drinks. It is actually a very good way to show your support because that’s what friends are for, right?  They may go back home after office and think about it to make the situation even worse. Instead, they can stay in and have a fun night. 

Just Listen

Sometimes letting things out can make a person feel better, whether its anger, frustration, stress about something, letting it out of your  system and that too on someone you trust can actually do wonders. So, they may vent about it their day, or that is disturbing them. To show your support, all you have to do is listen. Just listen to the details of the terrible day don’t interrupt, don’t try to give advice, just listen carefully with interest. Sometimes all a person having a bad day needs is a trustworthy person to talk to. 

Talk Crazy

If they don’t want to discuss it at all, avoid asking again and again. They will tell you once they are comfortable. Till then, you can talk to them and help to divert their mind. How can you do that? Well, you are BFF’s, you know this more than me. Still you can talk about all the crazy things that you two have done together. You know this trick always works to cheer people up. 

Send Something Yellow

Generally i would say send something because sending a mini gift is also a very ideal way to cheer someone up but this time i would ask you to try the colour psychology. It says that the colour yellow is known to cheer mood. So, send them something yellow, you can send flowers, a table top, or anything under this sky. 

Surprise Visit 

When you have sensed that something is not right with your pal whale talking to them over phone or chat, make sure that you don’t leave them alone. Don’t show them you have sensed it, but surprise them with your visit. Your one visit can cheer them up and make them forget all that is bothering them. 

Favorite Treat

If you find yourself helpless in cheering them up, you can treat them with their favourite food. Trust me, food never fails to make things better.

These are some ways how you can cheer your BFF after a really bad day.