5 Binge-Watch Valentine’s Movies To Watch On Vday If You’re Broke

5 Binge-Watch Valentine's Movies To Watch On Vday If You're Broke
5 Binge-Watch Valentine's Movies To Watch On Vday If You're Broke

Valentine’s day is all about love. The enthusiasm can be seen among all the love-birds by the way they celebrate this day. Be it an expensive dinner or spending quality time with your love in a park, it is the essence of the love that prevails forever! Celebrating love on Valentine’s Day does not mean that it should cost you an arm and a leg! The celebration could be just you and your beloved and some quality-time and lots of romance and love! Some people really do extrovert activities to celebrate the occasion, whereas some just like to keep the celebration low-key. So, following the conventional ways to celebrate the day should never scare. If you are out of money or your bank account does not allow you to push your limits, then, the celebration should be lavish in love and not in material. Going broke is quite okay, and if your partner really loves you, then materialistic Valentine should never bother him or her. Just a cute and heartfelt Valentine gift brimming with love and care would do! 

However, this does not mean that if you are not having a gala celebration, then you are going to have a flop show on V-day! Watching some romantic movies with your sweetheart, cuddling and snuggling together on the couch, and enjoying your favorite snack, sounds like a perfect valentine’s plan to me. What do you think? Here is the list of some top movies that you can watch on V-day with your Valentine! Let’s check it out!

  • The Guide:

This is a classic Indian movie to watch with your partner on Valentine’s Day. The story revolves around a guide who fell in love with a wife of an archaeologist after the couple visited the town of the guide. The graph of the movie has real highs and lows. The twist and turns in the film will fuse more curiosity in your celebration. 

  • Mohabbatein:

You will be lying if you claim that this movie did not make you cry. However, if you have not watched this iconic movie yet, then, Valentine’s Day would be a perfect day to do the undone. The love that has been portrayed in the movie is one of the pure forms of love. It is a value-based movie which might help you unfold this form of love as well. 

  • Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein:

Does not a passionate and crazy form of love appeal to you? Yes, it does! The love story here shown reflects one crazy, loving lover boy who does everything to get the girl of his dreams, and finally, he is able to do that when we thought he would not. Watch this movie to ignite such a type of passion in your relationship. Just make sure you don’t screw up!

  • Rockstar:

The separation from your beloved is a slow death, and this is proved in this beautifully depicted movie! The protagonist on separation from his love becomes a dogmatic superstar, loved and hated by his own people. However, his love remains alive in one or another form. So, this is a must-watch movie to share with your beloved, and do not forget to carry a tissue box with you.

  • Jab We Met:

A lovely, bubbly and energetic girl when faces dejection in her love life, loses her charm. There when her friend, who was already in love with her, retained back the girl with his love and affection. The humor and emotions in the movie are at its peak. Do watch this movie and let me know if you can relate to it. 

So, I think a Valentine date watching these super romantic movies with your beloved with a Valentine cake and some drinks would be a win-win date. Share your experience with your friends and cherish the memories forever. 


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