Did You Know The Meaning Of Different Colors Of Roses?

Did You Know The Meaning Of Different Colors Of Roses?
Did You Know The Meaning Of Different Colors Of Roses?

Roses of all kinds are known as the epitome of love and affection, right? Be it any colored rose; it conveys its message to the messenger quite amazingly. However, gifting a rose to your dear ones without knowing their meaning, could land you in grave danger. Yes, if you are unaware of the meaning of the color, each rose carries does not mean that others are too unaware of them. Mind you; people take roses very, very seriously. Do not screw up things just because you lack some piece of information. Take note of these colors and then consider which color is apt for your beloved. The language of the flowers is known as floriography. This language tells us what the intention of the person is behind giving the flower. So, when it comes to roses, there is a vast horizon of colors that helps explicitly you convey your unexpressed thoughts and emotions to your beloved. So, if you wish to express your love, feelings, or care to someone very special in your life, you can go for online flower delivery in Pune and can get any rose of your choice delivered at their doorstep. 

Also, if we talk about the “thing” women have for roses, we can conclude that women are as delicate, beautiful, and impactful as roses are. So, whenever you get muddled over what gift you should give to a special lady in your life on women’s day, then choosing a bunch of roses would be an ideal choice for women’s day gift! Now, let’s just dive through the various colors of roses and know their underlying meanings. 

  • White Roses:

Save this rose for something vast and important in your life. Yes, this beautiful rose is generally associated with spirituality ad marriage. They perfectly convey a message that says, “a heart full of love.” 

  • Yellow Roses:

Well, there are two schools of thought that give justification to the meaning of a yellow rose. One says that it represents jealousy and infidelity. In contrast, the other one or we can say the modern one considers it to the emotions of cheerfulness and friendship due to its vibrant color. 

  • Pink Roses:

If you are sending pink roses to your beloved, it isn’t just the pink blooms that are being delivered; they also accompany elegance and grace. 

  • Red Roses:

Red roses do not need any introduction. They are all about love, passion, and compassion, right? So, if you get red roses delivered to your other half, then you are lucky. Also, if you have just entered a new relationship and enjoying your honeymoon period, then you can also order carnations online and celebrate your new love. 

  • Blue Roses:

A blue rose does symbolize mystery and intrigue. So, if you are someone’s secret admirer, then opting for this blue rose would be the best move if you want them to know about this secret admirer. 

  • Peach Rose:

Don’t you think this beauty is underrated? This gorgeous peach rose symbolizes modesty, gratitude, and sincerity. So, if you are thinking of a creative way of thanking someone, then send this flower to do the same. 

  • Black Roses:

Would you hesitate before giving this black beauty to your beloved? Well, many people do. However, black roses stand for a new beginning or rebirth. 

Now that you know the meaning of these roses, what colored rose would you send to your near and dear ones? Send flowers to Delhi and convey whatever you feel about them and strengthen the bond of love, friendship, and care!


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