Tips To Get Over A Crush And Rock Valentines Single AF

Tips To Get Over A Crush And Rock Valentines Single AF
Tips To Get Over A Crush And Rock Valentines Single AF

Isn’t it thrilling at the beginning to have a crush on someone- All the butterflies floating in your tummy when you see them, or the blushing when you see their picture, or you skip a heartbeat when you say “hi” for the first time. But when you finally gather all the guts to express them what you feel and your proposal unluckily is turned down, all the butterflies fly away, all the blushing goes away, and soon you have to move on. The ‘moving on’ part is not thrilling at all, right? Especially when it’s the wave of Valentine’s day that’s swirling around the city (around the world, to be precise). 

Well, let’s be honest, a crush is a person you like very much, but they are not supposed to love you back. Yes, the concept of crushes work like that, and when they start liking you back, they no longer remain a crush. So, it’s okay if you have to spend Valentine’s all single because singles rock. Have no idea what to do on V-day? Well, here are some ideas that will help you to move on and make it through this day when everyone else is sunk in love.

Take yourself out

Yay, it’s time for a treat! Prepare to give yourself a treat because you really deserve one. Your efforts to overcome your feelings surely need appreciation. What can be a better way to appreciate oneself other than giving a treat. Dive into some yummilicious cakes you always eyed on or in an ice cream tub. If you do not mind, then why not order flowers online in Mumbai for yourself also. 

Spill out your feelings

If you really want to move on and make things go back on track, then the first step is to spill out your feelings to your friends. Talk it out with someone you trust and express whatever is building up inside you. Even studies have proved that talking out really helps you out of the pain. So, fix a meeting with you BFF, and just pop open a bottle of wine and let loose all the feelings. 

Don’t go looking for another one

Dude, c’mon, give yourself a break and take some time off from all the distractions. Sure, you need some distractions to keep your mind off from thinking all the best possibilities of you two being together, but stop finding one in people. With already a heartbreak up your sleeves, you would want another one to pull you down. Before you fall for someone, give yourself some time to build up self-esteem. 

Be your own special one

Yes, I understand it’s Valentine’s day, and as soon as you step out of your door, you get to see couples making it grand for each other, but let me tell you a secret. You don’t need anyone to make your day or make you feel special. You can do it better, and you know why? Because you know yourself much better. Pamper yourself and do special things for yourself. Like, buy yourself a Valentine gift which you were about to buy for your crush (I mean ex-crush). 

So, these are some tips that can help you to move on from a crush. 


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