Winning Hacks To Make First Valentine Memorable For Your Bae

Winning Hacks To Make First Valentine Memorable For Your Bae
Winning Hacks To Make First Valentine Memorable For Your Bae

Firsts of everything are always special than the rest of the chances. Be it first first day at school or first crush, first salary, first relationship or first date. I know, one needs to gather a lot of courage to ask your crush out, and you can even guarantee that if they will say “yes”. But since you are reading this, I would presume that you already got ‘yes’ for an answer. Congratulations. But wait! Your task is not done yet, here comes the hard part – plan the first valentine date. 

If you are lucky enough to cross the first phase of awkwardness , that is, to propose the one you love, and now finally you two are “ a couple thing”, then you must take this valentine thing seriously and be very particular when you search for date ideas to impress your bae. You wouldn’t want to give them chances to judge you, right? Especially when it’s your first valentine together. You can always start off with a valentine cake that marks a sweet start and then take over with some other good date ideas. As a little help to make your and your partner’s valentine day memorable, I’m here to list down some winning hacks or date ideas. 

Show Each Other Your Favorite Hangout Place 

Lets begin with an idea that is more personal, and it is to show each other your favourite spots or cafes in the city, where you two usually like to hangout. I know that when you like a particular place, it means that the vibe of the place matches with you which makes you like the place personally, you get attached too. So, when you are opening up with someone, you need to get to a certain level of comfort to share such things as analyse if they will like this place or not. If they don’t, it will break your heart. So, this year, if you are lucky enough to have a bae, take them for a Date at a fave hangout place and awk them to show their favorite place as well. This will bring you two closer. 

Picnic Under Night Skies

Are you a romantic personality? I guess you would have figured out this by now, haven’t you? If you have come across your romantic side, then you can plan a picnic under the night sky. It is one of the most romantic ways to celebrate valentines, of any other remarkable day with your partner. Plan a picnic under the starry sky in the open where you can enjoy the scenic beauty and also spend some time in the silence of the night and hear nothing but each other. Warning: this stunt should only be done if your partner is romantic too, otherwise this may be too much to handle for them because some like to keep it casual on first dates. 

Plan Date At Karaoke Bar

Parties are a gone thing, the new concept that bars and cafes have now adapted to is the karaoke. It is a fun thing that people enjoy with friends and family, it keeps the mood light and wont even let you two get bored or awkward. It is your first valentine’s together, a karaoke night will let you show your partner all the fun that lies in the relationship with you if things stay great. So, lookout for a bar that has karaoke night and book your seats in advance, because valentine is an important day for couples. 


If you like the idea of spending quiet time under the sky, but want something less romantic, then you can plan a bonfire.  It is also a lovely and unique idea to win your partner;s heart. Parties and all are great, but if you really want to show why they were right about saying ‘yes’ to you, then definitely go for this one. 

Hot Air Balloon Ride

I won’t lie to you, this idea may force you to spend some extra bucks, but if you are willing to, then it is a complete value for money. Hot air balloon rides are the best thing especially for couples. Take you bae to a ride and make them love you even more.

These are some winning hacks that will make the valentines day memorable for both of you.