Hey, pull your socks up & get ready to receive your Christmas gifts from that white-bearded man, all dressed up in red. No, it’s not your grandpa but your secret Santa. Yes, the most exciting festival is around the corner. Well, I have a reason to call it the most exciting festival since Christmas is all about receiving unexpected gifts, drooling over those fruity & nutty Christmas cakes, an irresistible treat for dinner, and what not? Also, it’s the Christmas decoration that puts life to our Christmas vibes, right? However, every festival brings some bizarre superstitions that we might not be aware of. Christmas too has its a share of superstitions that might surprise & burst you in laughter at the same time. So, let me put light on some wacky superstitions so that you can gossip about them later with your friends & family.

  • Who doesn’t want a vast and impressive shoe collection? Also, receiving a new pair of shoes from your beloved is always special. But hey, here comes the first Do Not’s superstition of Christmas, which states that gifting a pair of shoes to your loved one could sooner or later make them walk out of your life. 
  • The mandatory superstition of stirring the pudding 3 times is also followed by the fact that if you are unmarried and do not follow up on the stirring part, then you are most probably going to be single the coming year too. 
  • Christmas dinner should contain 9 dishes.
  • Well, this superstition could get many hardcore vegetarians uncomfortable as it is believed that placing the scalp of fishes under your dining plates would bring good luck and good fortune in your life. 
  • Be it Diwali or Christmas, de-decorating the decor is a slothful task, right? However, you cannot procrastinate it after the twelfth night of Christmas, since it is believed that it brings good luck if the de-decoration is done before the twelfth night. 
  • This one is for your little furball. If a dog barks on Christmas Eve, he will go crazy or mad before the end of the year. So, you better tape up your furball’s mouth if you don’t want to see its insane side. 
  • Consumption of alcohol on Christmas Eve is unethical, and one should refrain from having drinks. Well, I heard many hearts breaking from the other side, but it is one of the superstitions which is believed & followed by many. 
  • As believed by many, a child born on Christmas has an extraordinary fortune. 
  • Popular among Greek culture, people burn their old pair of shoes so that they would also burn the bad luck and misfortune from their life. 
  • This one might please people who love eating. Yes, as per the superstition, the higher the number of mince pie you eat, the luckier your fortune gets the next year. So, eat up foodies, it’s time to win the show. So, what could be a better Christmas gift idea for a foodie than gifting him/her delicious mince pies on Christmas? 
  • Bringing Holly home during Christmas is an age-old tradition. But did you know the actual belief behind it? Yes, Holly keeps the witches away and wands-off the evil spirits from home. So, bring one for your home this Christmas. 

So, with that list of bizarre superstitions, I would like to wish everyone a warm, happy, & prosper Merry Christmas 2019. May you come up with creative and unique Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones. May your secret Santa surprise you with your desired gifts, and may that lip-smacking treat on the dining table be able to satisfy your taste buds!