7 Ways to show gratitude on this Christmas

7 Ways to show gratitude on this Christmas
7 Ways to show gratitude on this Christmas

Last year, I attended a Christmas Carol in a nearby school, and I must say that it was worth listening to. It was an outstanding event organized by them with an effort to raise funds and collect Christmas gifts for a charity. Attending that function made me realize that there are many more things that we can do at Christmas. The best and the first thing that one should do is express their gratefulness to people in their lives.

William Arthur Ward said, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing is like wrapping a present and then not giving it.” He meant that gratitude helps us in making others feel special and give them an appreciation for being there in your life. So, this year, on Christmas, thank everyone for being there with you throughout the year. So, let us move on to seven ways that will give you an idea of how you can make your loved one feel happy.

Send Greeting cards

Sending greeting cards have been the most perfect Christmas gift idea as people love having something that is exclusively for them. You do not need a whole production house, or a monogram machine to make a customized greeting card. Instead, use your watercolor and make a handmade card for your special ones. One can also write a beautiful message on the card to tell you to express your feelings.

Compliment them with favorites

We all love when someone suddenly knocks on our door with a Christmas present basket that has all the goodie which we love. You can also do the same by making a gift basket that has all the things which your family and friends will surely fall in love with. The basket can be filled with chocolates, stocking fillers, jewelry, candies, handbags, or a packet of delicious choco sticks. This gesture will make them realize that you remember all their favorites, and they will always feel special about it.

Bake a Cake

Christmas plum cakes are the most important delicacies for all of us during this holiday season. It will not be much if I say that baking a delicious spongy plum cake is the best idea to thank your loved one for everything. So, bake a cake and reach their home with a nicely packed surprise for them. If possible, take along some hot cocoa milk for both of you. It will be special if you sit with them and have a cup of cocoa milk along with a slice of the cake. Spending time with them will make it very special for both of you.

Decorate their home

You must be having kids around you, and we never think of thanking them for spreading joy in our lives. So, this Christmas, thank these little ones for their existence in our lives. The best way will be to visit a nearby NGO and gift these kids the main elements of the festival, which are Christmas trees, wreaths, and of course, a delicious cake. It is always good to delight these little ones on such occasions.

These were a few ways in which you can delight others at Christmas. It is not necessary every time to decorate your house and spend the ‘me’ time on festivals. Instead, festivals are the best times when we can thank others for their contribution to our life.

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