Types Of Friends We All Have (& Need) Throughout Our Life

Types Of Friends We All Have (& Need) Throughout Our Life

Fact: people without friends in life are likely to die an early death”. Scary? But it’s true, this friendship day kill your fears and next time your friend comes hopping to your place to irritate you, hug that idiot because he/she increased your life expectancy after the hug you can even buy a friendship day cake to make ensure you have an icing on the cake for your celebration. Making friends is an art that we first learn in kindergarten and then the process never stops. Life is so much easier when you have friends by your side to push you with each step. They may not even have a solution to your problem, but they sure know how to make your problem look funny and make you laugh in the worst situation. Thus, we all need a “BFF” relationship in our life in which you can pour your heart out, share your deepest secrets, cry out loud, basically feel within the sanctity of a zone where there is no judgement. I know not all friends meet this standard of relationship, it does not mean they are not good friends. It simply means that different people in our lives touch different aspects. 

Actually, it is good that God has made so many personalities that help us find different types of friends in life. Each friend falls under a different category decided by his or her personality. This friendship day, honour your friend in any way, whether you order cake online or buy friendship bands. But before that, let’s read about the types of friends we have and need in life. 

Childhood friend

First on the list is obviously a childhood friend whom we befriend when we don’t even know how to spell “friend”. You just start talking to another person in school and never stop for the rest of your life. This friendship is so pure because you are not even aware that you’re making a friend. It is said that childhood friends are your best friends. Well, there is some truth in this sentence because this friend has seen the most phases of your life and still decided to stick. 


Then every group of friends has a latecomer pal. He or she is always late for everything, be it a trip, party, even on his own birthday celebration – constantly late. Mark our words this latecomer will be late this friendship day also. Plan Accordingly!

The fearless adventurer

Then comes a fearless adventurer who isn’t scared to try out any type of adventure no matter how bad it sounds. This friend will always dare you to do things you have never done, nor even thought of doing. They don’t really think about consequences, hence, fearless adventurers. 

The mentor friend

After that, we all have a mentor friend who is like a ray of hope. This person is your mentor who puts the ray of wisdom upon you, thus, this is the person you run to when life seems like a dead end. 

The complete opposite

You will have to agree that we all have at least one friend who is completely opposite to us and still is a very good friend, right? He or she is a completely opposite personality and still vibe with you amazingly. 

The witty one

This friend has a very interesting personality as they can make you laugh with their witty comebacks. Thus, when you are down, you know whom to contact to lift your mood up. 

The loud friend

Often known as the ‘loudspeaker’ of the group, we all have a friend who is loud by birth. The tone is enough to highlight you in public.

Whatever type of friend it may be, we love them all, right!