Life Lessons You Learn Only When You Grow Up With Siblings

Life Lessons You Learn Only When You Grow Up With Siblings

Grew up navigating the ups and downs of having siblings? Well, it’s kind of relatable to everyone because having siblings comes with its own set of pros and cons. I mean you must have had a fair share of fights over the lamest things and still finding peace in their presence when it was dark. Well, this helped you learn the important lesson to always stand your ground. To be honest, siblings provide the first life lessons that you will ever receive. It’s like as soon as your sibling is born, your training to learn how to survive a competition begins. You may have never thought of it this way but it’s true, many qualities that you are contoured with (are proud of), activated in you just because of your sibling. 

Thus, the Indian festival of Raksha Bandhan is an occasion that celebrates this sweet and sour relationship of siblings. It’s a day when sisters buy rakhis for brothers and brothers buy rakhi gifts for their sisters, even sisters can buy gifts along with rakhis. Simply, it’s a gesture that conveys that “I’m lucky to have you in life”. If you have never bought a rakhi gift for your sibling to show him or her how much you appreciate them, do it this time because I have come up with some important life lessons that you learn when you grow up with siblings. 

You learn how  to share the blame

Siblings simply mean partners in crime. Whether you are the crazy one or your sibling is the one who comes up with naughty tasks every time, you have to be a part of their plan even if you know this would invite grounding. Well, this peer pressure to create mischief teaches you how to share the blame and step up when things go wrong. It’s always better than to show your back and put it on your team. 

You learn to love your enemy

A sibling is an enemy that you love the most. Sometimes you want them to disappear in the thin air but eventually, you learn to love your enemy. This helps you to never be bothered by your enemy. 

You learn to forgive and apologise

As your lessons start from day one when your sibling is born, the most important lesson you learn is that we all are humans and humans make mistakes, so you learn how to forgive and forget with your whole heart and never hold grudges. 

You learn leadership

If you proudly list down “leadership qualities” as one of the best qualities in your resume, thank your sibling. This lesson comes hard to elder siblings because youngers always look up to their elder version. Whatever the elder sibling does, the younger one copies. So, the elder one learns to understand his or her responsibility to always set a good example and be a role model for the rest of the siblings. 

You learn to work as a team

You like it or not, you and your sibling are always a team even if he or she is crazy and totally opposite to you. Living with them teaches you to work as a team or in a team from your childhood days and help you in your professional life. 

You learn to share with care

Ah! Siblings mean everything you own is up for sharing. No matter how you hate it, one day you have to accept that there is no harm in sharing with care. Most importantly, you learn how to share your life with other individuals, this helps in your romantic relationship

These are some important life lessons you get to learn when you have siblings.