If we talk about the most dramatic person on earth, then the mother will be on top of the list. The reason may be her usual behavior of loving and caring. But let’s face it! Mothers, especially Indian mom are one of the most amazing persons, with whom no one can win the argument. We all grew up hearing some of the sentimental, bitter and sweet dialogues. Those sayings curate dear memories and make our life interesting and full of fun. Whether you are a star for the world but you are still a five-year-old child for your mom. The one common thing which you will notice in all Indian mom that they all ends up an argument with the common dialogues. We can bet on that! Your mom is also one of them. Isn’t it? As Mother’s Day is just around the corner and everyone is busy in searching the right Mother’s Day gift for the leading women of their life. It’s also a perfect time to think a bunch of things that reflect the nature of every Indian mom. Raise your hands if you have grown up hearing these 12 dialogues that are favorite of every desi mom.   

Tumharey Time Vs Humarey Time

Why every mom has a thought that their time was one of the happiest one? That dialogue “Hamare Zamane Mein to” can bring a war between our generation and the 90s. But still, she is your mom and you are totally used to the abundant behavior piled in this dialogue. So, it’s better to quit that argument! Best escape!

Sara Din Phone Mein Ghusa Rehta Hai

If you have just picked your cell phone to check your emails or anything important, so get ready for another dialogue punch “Sara Din Phone Mein Ghusa Rehta Hai.” With this dialogue, there may be a chance of debate. Well, you will be the best participant but not be a winner in this debate.  

Sharma Ji Ke Bete Ko Dekho

The famous dialogue that every typical desi mom utters “Sharma Ji Ke Bete ko Dekho.” Sharma Ji has troubled everyone. The achievement list of Sharma Ji’s son is always long as compared to yours. Is that right? Well, we don’t know what Sharmaji and his son are doing right now, but they definitely gifted your parents a dialogue that will surely follow you the rest of life.

Papa Ko Aaney Do Aaj

Most terrifying line! When it comes to threatening Indian kids, no weapon is better than this dialogue. This tactic always works and definitely turn the aura into the scariest one.

Todh De Sab Kuch Todh De

When you break a glass or anything, BOOM, another dialogue is ready to attack “Todh De, Sab Todh De.” We know, that moment will really make you a little scary, but we are sure that you are smiling right now.  

Kitna Dubla Ho Gaya Hai (Even if you are too fatty)

No matter, how much you are fatty guy or girl, you will always be that “Dubla Insan” for your mom. She will always utter “Kitna Dubla Ho Gaya Hai.” Right? So, if you want to gain some weight, then it’s OK, but if you are wearing the XXXL size of the dress then you should definitely don’t take it seriously.

Kaha Ho Beta? Kab Aaoge Ghar?

This dialogue actually shows how much she cares for you. No matter how much she scolds you, after all, she is your mom, an Indian mom, who loves you in the same way just like a filmy mother. Right? Every mother has that filmy emotional spark that truly makes them a perfect “Indian Mother” that we all need.

Doston Ke Sath Reh Kar Bigad Gaya Tu

Mother always hates your friends. Well, that’s a story of all. Whether you have diarrhea or fever or asthma, the reason will always be your friends. It’s a never-ending cycle. So, you definitely need to adjust to it.

Jab Tere Bache Honge Tab Pata Chalega

When you don’t take your mom’s talk seriously, then the dialogue which welcomes you “Tere Bache Honge Tab Pata Chalega.” It’s direct emotional blackmailing. But you can still make it by saying “I’ll wait for that time but let that come.” Big Escape!

Sabse Sundar Lag Raha/ Rahi Hai

For every mom, her child is the most beautiful person on this planet. Without even looking at you, she will tell you that you look best. If you genuinely need her advice then her word will be “Sabse Sundar Lag Raha/ Rahi Hai.” That’s the reason why she is your mom.

Agar Maine Aa Kar Dhund Lia To Khair Nhi Hai Teri

Really! You may have got goosebumps! You know, this is the moment when you actually experience the magic closely. When you fail to find something that your mom said was in a certain place, and suddenly, don’t know from where the thing comes to the right place. This is something which is beyond our understanding!

Meri To Sunta Hi Kon Hai

Ahh! “Meri to Sunta hi Kon hai!” It’s not just a dialogue, it’s totally emotional blackmailing. So, in such case, you have no other better option than saying sorry for no reason. If five letters of the word “Sorry” can end up the argument, then you should not waste your energy anymore.

Well, no matter how much your mom screams on you or how much she is being dramatic, you know that she is the only person who stands by your side every time when you need her the most. This year, bring a special Mother’s Day cake and tell your mom that you care happy to have her in your life.

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