Let’s Be A Helping Hand for Those Affected By Cyclone Fani in Odisha

Let's Be A Helping Hand for Those Affected By Cyclone Fani in Odisha
Let's Be A Helping Hand for Those Affected By Cyclone Fani in Odisha

Author – Monika Verma: Last Friday turned to be a Fearful Friday as the devastating cyclone “Fani” hit the coastal city of Puri, Odisha, at 08:00 IST (02:30 GMT) in the morning. This tropical cyclone with the excessive wind speed of 200 kmph, came out to be the strongest storm to hit India in the past two decades. The enormous storm has left behind only remnants of absolute destruction in its wake.

The death toll has reached 38, five days after the extremely severe storm rushed through the coastal Odisha. It caused extensive destruction and left several hundred people struggling with water shortage and power cuts. From continuous power cuts and evacuation to the shutdown of airports and railway stations, Cyclone Fani wreaked havoc in a totally unprecedented mode.  Hundreds of trains and multiple flights have canceled while routes of several trains diverted.

Students Deprived of Taking National Level Exams due to Fani

In fact, the NEET examination has postponed in the state of Odisha for May 20, 2019, due to the cyclone Fani. The exam has conducted successfully on Sunday, May 5, 2019, in other states of India.  Along with it, AIIMS PG exam which was scheduled for the same date. It also canceled at Bhubaneswar exam center by the Union Health Ministry.

Cyclone Fani in Odisha

As it was advancing into an extremely severe cyclone the satellites launched by ISRO were sending data after every 15 minutes to the ground station. It helped to track and forecast its movement and thus, saved hundreds of lives there. The data helped to study the intensity, location and cloud cover around Fani. It’s really dreadful situation for the people residing there. You can easily become a helping hand by contributing a small amount opting the cake delivery in Pune on India’s greatest gift platform named Winni. 

A Big Challenge For Odisha Government to Restore the Fani Effect

The cyclone warning had come in the last week of April, so people living in villages and hamlets had stocked food in their houses. The challenge in Odisha state to carry out relief and restoration operation for a population of over 1.37 crore in 14,835 villages and 46 urban centers is not a cup of tea!  It would be an immense task to bring the affected areas back to earlier shape. Alongside four major grids in Khurdha, Cuttack, and Puri districts have greatly damaged.

Cyclone Fani in Odisha

As for the love of mankind, we must stand out and contribute a little for the victims affected by natural calamities. After all, how could we remain unsympathetic at this call of time? Every time you place an order at Winni, we will contribute 10% of the price share towards Odisha Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. Let us stand by Odisha! Above all, it is a National cause. Your every small contribution will go miles away. With Winni’s fast and hassle-free cake & flowers delivery in Pune, you will not only make your loved ones happy but also contribute your role in the re-development of Odisha. Let us come together and make a difference!