Mother’s Day is just around the corner! The time when you have the idyllic opportunity to show your deep love, care and respect for your mom. The way, this day is celebrated in all over the world is winsome and definitely mark a special place in everyone’s heart. But do you know, the way people in other countries commemorate the holiday? Mother’s Day is a mom-centric occasion which is celebrated at different times of the year. In honor of Mother’s Day celebration, we have come up with this blog to let you know about Mother’s Day traditions around the world. Mother’s Day celebration is just not limited to thanking mum for everything. The day is celebrated in more than 40 countries around the world in a great manner. Each and every country holds a unique tradition. Some of them are interesting and others will surely surprise you for the moment. So, if you are looking for different ways to celebrate this special occasion instead of giving the same Mother’s Day gifts then it would be good to take a virtual trip around the world to know how different countries commemorate this wonderful day. So, keep reading for enthralling Mother’s Day trivia!

Here are top 7 unique and fun Mother’s Day traditions in 7 countries:


Ethiopia is one such country in South Africa where Mother’s Day is celebrated with great fun and fervor. Unlike other countries, where Mother’s Day is a single day celebration, in Ethiopia, it is a three-day celebration which is called “Antrosht” that begins on the second Sunday of May. The day called for the great celebrations where whole families gather and enjoy the traditional meals and recipe of the country named “Hash” and Ethiopian “Punch.”  Hash is basically a combination of lamb or bull, butter, vegetable and Ethiopian spices whereas Ethiopian Punch is a mixture of lemon juice, pineapple juice, Rosebery syrup, orange juice and white grape juice. The whole family enjoys the fantastic taste of the recipe and spend the day singing, dancing and enjoying each other’s company.

United Kingdom

In the UK, the day is commemorated on the fourth Sunday of Lent (three weeks before Easter Sunday) which is also called a “Mothering Sunday.” During medieval times, poor families used to send their kids off to work as domestic servants rich and wealthy families. The kids were granted a day off to visit their home church and so naturally they visited their families during the Lenten season. Children pay special tribute to their mothers with flowers and cakes (also known as Mothering cakes). In the UK, Mothering Sunday is celebrated by presenting a mother with some special gestures like Mother’s Day cake, flowers and most importantly, spending family time.


On Mother’s Day in Japan, Red Carnations are traditionally given to mothers representing the sweetness, purity and strength which reflects in mother’s nature. The day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May when children greet their mom saying “Haha-no-hi” which means “Happy Mother’s Day” and present her beautiful flowers of Carnations. During the second world war, the day gained some popularity and like most other countries, Mother’s Day celebrates the strength of mothers who are revered in Japanese culture. In Japan, the presence of mothers is celebrated with traditional gifts like Kimonos, Kokeshi Dolls, Tenugui and cards.


India is a culturally diverse country where Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Some celebrate the day in the westernized way, expressing gratitude by presenting their mum with special gifts and flowers. In the capital Delhi, Mother’s Day is another great reason for big discounts being offered. This part of the world holds a big tradition where kids take over the cooking to give their mothers a break from their daily busy routine of the kitchen. Just like other countries across the world, Indians also celebrate the importance of mother in their lives and efforts they have put to make them the best.


Mother’s Day is a big-o-celebration day in this party-loving country.  In fact, the day actually marked the second most commercial holiday. Brazil commemorates this special day on the second Sunday of May with great zeal and enthusiasm. Everyone celebrates the presence of mothers in their lives by wishing their mother “Feliz Dia das Mães.” The day is honored with a church outing and family barbecues with churrasco (grilled meat). Churrasco is a prime sirloin that is mainly served with rice and beans.


Peru is another country where Mother’s Day observed on the second Sunday of May but it is a week-long celebration. More than 90% of the Peruvians celebrate Mother’s Day and they are extremely excited about honoring and praising their moms. On this Day, mothers usually attend museums and fully enjoyed their day with different modes of entertainment. Kids showered their mother with lots of flowers and gifts. Peruvians celebrate Mother’s Day in a unique way as they gathered at the graveyard over food and drinks and honor their deceased mothers. The whole aura is filled with the warmth and positivity all around. Families put flowers on the grave and express their gratitude for showering love and sacrifices.


If you really want to experience the fantastic celebration of Mother’s Day, then Mexico is the right place. In Mexico, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May which is enjoyed both at work and at school. In Mexico, there is a tradition to visit their mothers and shower her with some adorable presents, Mother’s Day greeting cards and exotic bouquet of flowers.

So many countries & endless traditions! It’s really fun to know about it. No matter what kind of celebration is done in different corners of the globe, but what really is the emotion and love put to turn this day into a dazzling one. This Mother’s Day, just honor the spirit of motherhood and unconditional love of a mother. If you love this blog, then don’t forget to leave your comment below.

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