Tips On Using Fresh Flowers For Cake Decoration

Celebrations necessitate cakes, and cakes necessitate decorations. One of the most popular types of cake decorating is using fresh flowers to embellish a cake. By including flowers, greenery, or dried petals, you may create many distinct styles. Matching your cake decorations to your event theme and wedding flowers is simple, or you may design a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that shines out on its own. When choosing a cake, many people start with a professional and then go to their local florist for the flowers. However, suppose you want to go it alone. In that case, you must first understand which flowers, floral accessories, and techniques are acceptable for decorating cakes online with fresh flowers, particularly when it comes to food safety.

Flowers should not be purchased from a supermarket for use on food. Although the flower itself is not hazardous, most, if not all, chain supermarket bouquets are sprayed with pesticides that are not safe to consume. They’re also not the most attractive flowers; the colors aren’t as brilliant, the petals droop rapidly, and there’s not as much choice at a store. Your local florist is the ideal place to acquire bouquets; they will also be able to advise you on the best selections they have available and give you design ideas and advice on future cakes. Most, if not all, florists do not spray their flowers with hazardous chemicals or pesticides. Always check with your florist before purchasing and inform them that the flowers you want are cake decorating.

Choose The Flowers 

This is the very first and most critical step. Flowers are not something that everyone, including your florist, is well-versed in. As a result, it is critical to determine if the flower you wish to utilize is hazardous or not. Because it is frequently used in cake design, it is safe to utilize with more popular flowers such as roses, lilies, and daisies. However, with more unusual flowers, please check the toxicity level on the internet and consult with the florist. The risk remains even if the flowers are entirely washed and covered in floral tape. If feasible, purchase organic or homegrown flowers to limit the danger of pesticides coming into touch with the cake.

Wash And Trim The Flowers 

Gently wash your flowers in a sink with cold water to remove any bugs or dirt that may have remained in the petals. Place the stem under the water where you want to trim it. Snip the stem at an angle and submerge the clipped section for a few seconds further. 

Keep The Flowers Fresh 

Flowers usually come with a packet of flower vitamins that you add into the water to keep them fresh. Follow the mixing directions, and then keep your flowers in water until you’re ready to use them to avoid wilting.

Prefer Flowers Grown Organically 

Inquire with the florist about whether the flowers they sell are cultivated organically. Flowers grown naturally are often the best to use in cooking because they do not include chemical additives that can leak into your cake. Even organic flowers may be unfit for human consumption. Certain species produce saps and bacteria that can irritate the eyes, skin, or digestive tract when in contact with food.

Insert A Straw 

If you wish to put your flowers at a specific angle, we propose inserting them inside a bubble tea straw. Yes, we’re referring to the large straws that come with Asian tea drinks. They are pretty adaptable and can even be used in the baking industry. If feasible, go for clear ones rather than colorful ones, as you don’t want these to stick out. Cut the straw to 4-8cm in length and stick it into the cake at the correct angle. Insert your flower stems into it after that.