7 Ways To Celebrate Republic Day At Home

Republic Day is a day of celebration for all Indian citizens. Every year, when we watch the flag unfurl on January 26th; our hearts are filled with respect and pride in being Indian. But I’m sure many Indians are unaware of crucial facts concerning the day we commemorate as a National Holiday every year. Republic Day is now regarded as more than just the day our constitution was established; it is also a celebration of what the country has accomplished and grown to be. However, on January 26th, Republic Day, all aspects that it is recognized for remain in place while new formats are being introduced.

The gazetted holiday commemorates the day India officially accepted its constitution after gaining independence from the colonial. The three-day parade, which is the highlight of Republic Day, takes place at the Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi, India’s capital. This year’s Republic Day celebrations are smaller than in prior years. The typical fervor and revelry will be exchanged for constraints and protocols. This year, due to the change in the epidemic, the number of attendees, marching contingent size, and other side attractions will be different. Here’s how the festivities are shaping up.

Republic Day celebrations are generally held at work for most of us, while the rest of us spend the day off with friends and family watching the grand parade on television. But how about spending this Republic Day at home, surrounded by some fantastic Republic Day decor? It’ll be entertaining and undoubtedly make you feel more patriotic than usual.

Enroll In Yoga And Meditation 

You can begin your Republic Day celebrations by participating in an online Yoga and Meditation program. While yoga allows you to improve your posture and flexibility, meditation assists you in staying happy and peaceful in stressful situations.

Watch The Parade Together 

Every year, Delhi hosts the great Republic Day procession. Dignitaries are present, the army, navy, and air force put on a spectacular performance and states display floats showcasing their particular culture or contribution to the country. When it comes to exposing your child to the country they call home; it doesn’t get any better. So, on Republic Day, gather your family in front of the television to watch the parade. Discuss it among the family and start the conversation.

 Prepare Food In Tri-Color

The tricolor theme can even be implemented into food, such as tricolor barfi, tricolor burgers, or tri-color dhokla. Depending on the type of gathering, you may even consider multi-colored fruit tarts or ice cream cocktails. 

Plan A Cleaning Drive 

Our country features one of the world’s most diversified landscapes. We have the most distinct flora and fauna, from our blossoming forests to sea life. However, debris, particularly plastics, that are discarded carelessly pollute our streets, parks, beaches, and rivers. We are all to blame for this scourge, but we may also participate in attempts to clean it up. Organizing cleaning drives on Republic Day is an excellent place to start. This can be an excellent way to maintain our environment clean while also educating the community about going green.

Play Games With Children 

Choose games that can be played as a group. You can also organize a treasure hunt with clues that depict Republic Day somehow. Finally, present the winner with a distinctive Republic Day gift purchased from an online gift shop.

Bake A Tri-Color Cake 

Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, internet bakers have temporarily ceased their operations to avoid social separation and take preventive measures. You can, however, put on your chef hat and try your hand at baking.   

Dress-Up And Have A Photoshoot 

Why not wear tricolor-inspired clothing to show your patriotism this year? Dress up in lovely outfits and have a fun photoshoot with your family and friends. You can have your photoshoot on your terrace or in your living room. Do some entertaining things at home as well. Be yourself, and you will capture the ideal one that will be remembered for a lifetime.