Tips On How To Stay Healthy At The Time Of Holiday Season

Tips On How To Stay Healthy At The Time Of Holiday Season
Tips On How To Stay Healthy At The Time Of Holiday Season

Has your belly started peeping out of the shirt buttons? You know very well whom to blame. Yes, you and I know it very well that you have been making the most of this holiday season and using the excuse of christmas to stuff in calories. I know I know that Christmas is the magical time of the year, but you have to agree for the fact that it is also the most glutinous, booze filled time that you will find in the calendar.  for once you get the perfect excuse to eat without any guilt because its official hoodie season which will hide away all your fat. 

The month of December is so full of temptations that it can make a gym devote, a health freak go weak in the knees. It is very easy to give in when all around you can smell freshly baked Christmas cakes, cookies and that bottle of baileys tries to stupefy you. Besides all the eating, another thing that is to be blamed are the holidays which make you tumble off the wagon and laze around all day. Jogging, walks go out of the window as you can wake up at any time you want. But you know ruining your fitness regime and diet may not only make you gain a few extra pounds but can also attract health problems. It doesn’t have to be this way, you can still manage to stay fit while being high on the Christmas vibes.

Avoid sitting around all day

One of the biggest reasons for the flab coming around your abs is sitting around all day. Treats and indulgence that you can eat all day are very normal on christmas. But the problem states when you don’t keep yourself active after loading carbs on your body. It is very easy to keep eating especially when OTT platforms are coming up with new interesting shows each day. You just forget that you have overeaten while you are still enjoying your show. When you know you are going to overeat, you should make it a pact to stay active. Make sure that you go for a walk, or jog. Do it in the morning so you can eat the whole day without any guilt. 

Start a challenge

You know one very interesting thing that can help you stick to your fitness regime is by taking it as a challenge. You can challenge your friends and family members to do a plank off session, challenge them to do better and you should try to beat their record. Set a goal for yourself like, by the end of this holiday season, i should be able to do a 5 min plank. Do all sorts of exercises and start a challenge for the same. But remember to keep it healthy. Common, one more, I know you can do it, there are abs inside you just need to push yourself a little harder. 

Skip the second round

NEVER! I repeat never go for the second round of the buffet no matter how tasty it was, it’s a trap. They have made it so delicious to allure you of overeating. I know you don’t mind going for the second shift as soon as there is  teeny tiny space available in your tummy but STOP. 

You thought I was talking about the second round of running? Oh no, that you can add one. I was talking about that second round of buffet. 

Take boozing lightly

I know you have been stocking up bottles of wine and whisky to sip in the holiday season, but you know what i’m about to say. Beer for brunch, wine for dinner and so on. You have to break the chain and limit the consumption of alcohol if you want to remain fit this festive season. I will not only affect your body but will also make you skip the morning jog because hello, hangover.  

Eat before the party

This trick has always worked for many and you can try it too. Whenever you are going out for a party, eat a health meal and fill yourself. This way you will remain full when partying and you won’t end up eating the unhealthy food nor will you overeat.

These are some tips on how to stay healthy in the holiday season.