Single? Things You Must Do On Valentine’s Day

Single? Things You Must Do On Valentine’s Day
Single? Things You Must Do On Valentine’s Day

If you have been single for some time now, and you are really puzzled whether you want someone in your life or want to be single as you are, you are definitely in a tight spot now. Since Valentine’s day is already around the corner and if it baffles you more whether to cringe or to feel envy upon seeing couples being all lovey-dovey and getting online Valentines day gifts, here are some pro tips for you. Yes, being single sometimes feels like a blessing as you don’t get yelled upon for falling asleep without wishing your BAE a goodnight and sometimes, your singleness might make loneliness and depression creep in your life.

However, getting depressed and lonely on Valentine’s day is something that you should never do. Yes, the chances of falling prey to your loneliness on Valentine’s day is quite high since the memories of your ex might crawl upon in your life. However, here are a few things that you should be doing rather than being depressed and a cry baby. Enjoy your singlehood with pride and fun and make your Valentine’s day special for yourself. So, let’s get started!

Host Dinner For All Singles:

Okay, so, you must be having friends who would be super busy on Valentine’s day with their partner but there must be some friends as single as you. Yes, your single friends might relate to you easily especially when Valentine’s day is approaching. Host a dinner party for all your single friends and make sure none of them cribs over their exes on the dinner. 

Cook Dinner For Your Parents:

Do not forget that you must be single but your parents are not, right? Our parents don’t really make any efforts on Valentine’s day but you can make them celebrate the festival now. How? So, prepare a delicious dinner for them, make some quick and cute arrangements in the dining room, play some warm music and light some candles. That’s how you can make your parents Valentine’s day special. 

Bake Your Favorite Cake:

Well, if you helplessly drool over cakes and such delicacies than, believe me, there is no better way to celebrate this Valentine’s day by baking yourself your favorite cake. If you are new to the baking section, you should be taking help from online tutorials however, in case something goes wrong, get online Valentines day cake and treat your taste buds right.

Catch Up Some Quality Sleep:

Trust me, there is no better thing to celebrate your Valentine’s day than catching some quality sleep. Get into a close affair with your bed and be there as long as you want to be. The best part is Valentine’s day is on the weekend this year, so, you can easily choose to be on your bed and heal yourself with a quality sleep. 

Stay Off Social Media:

Be kind to yourself and for god’s sake, do not stalk your ex on social media. Yes, if you really don’t want to be in a tight spot then you should not be stalking your ex on various social media platforms. Also, staying away from social media on Valentine’s day will keep you away from couples posting all the romantic stuff. 

Hangout With Your Bestie:

You are quite lucky enough to have a best friend who is also single. Make plans with your single BFF and chill with him or her all day!

So, this Valentine’s day, treat yourself right and make yourself feel less miserable. Cribbing over other couples won’t take you anywhere, rather, the right time will bring you and your “the one” together.