Signs That Will Confirm If You Are Falling In Love With Someone

Signs That Will Confirm If You Are Falling In Love With Someone
Signs That Will Confirm If You Are Falling In Love With Someone

Someone’s been giving you butterflies in your tummy lately? If you are searching for this, then my friend, chances are you have already fallen for someone. And this time it might not just be a fling!

Well, falling in love is one of the best feelings in the world, or should I say great feeling because perfecting a winged eyeliner still remains the best feeling. It is one good thing that this cruel world has to offer us. I mean all the tingling feelings in the body when you see them, your head up the clouds all day, who wouldn’t love these feelings right? Some of you might like the idea of love at first sight, and others might like to investigate the pit before jumping into it, the idea of falling in love is always special.

Though it is quite normal to have mixed feelings at first whether it’s love or just any other routine crush. This can be clarified by one single question: what do you think about them all day? Yes? Congrats, it’s confirmed! Just kidding, this cannot be decided on one question, obviously because it’s love we are talking about here. So, below are some factors that might help you figure out if you really have started developing this disease, oh I mean feelings for someone. Consider it a test, just hope you come out negative.  If it is a positive, the be prepared to receive a handful of online flower delivery from the one you love. 

Everything reminds you of them

You seriously don’t need any magical bird to sit on your shoulder and tell you about your feelings when indicators are already on their way. Having oreos? That’s their favorite cookie. Watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S? That’s their favorite show too. Breathing air? They also do the same. Aww, isn’t that sign just enough? 

You are caught smiling for no reason

Have your parents or friends or colleagues caught you smiling for no reason at all? Because in your head, you are actually imagining all the cute scenarios with them that makes you blush, even when you are actually staring at your wall. Then know that love is on its way. 

Seconds feel like years until they text you back

Well, if you are really into someone, then waiting for their text back feels like you have been waiting for years now, even though it’s been a few seconds and you already feel an ache in your heart. Or a single text for them makes your day dream all day. Then there is a chance that cupid has already struck you with his arrow.

They are more important than your ego 

This might sound trite to you, but it’s true. If you always let them win over your ego,even say sorry just so you don’t lose them, then that is a father of signs that you have fallen, deep, like really deep for that one person. 

You make coffee for them

You’ve never made coffee for yourself, but now you see yourself preparing coffee (then food) for them, take it as a sign. That is because they become your priority and you do anything that makes them happy. 

You purposely try to be around them

Raise your hand if you are guilty of this one. You purposely try to sneak just a glimpse of them, you purposely talk to people around them who you didn’t even know existed, then take it as a signal. 

You want to share your food with them

Ah! I saw you’ve been sharing your favourite tasty food with someone. A true food knows the love they have for food, and if you are sharing it with ‘that person’, you already know that they have just replaced the food from its first spot in your heart.

Though the sensations might vary from person to person, these are some signs that can ease your doubt if you are falling for someone. Now, don’t say i didn’t warn you. 


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