8 Things That You Would Love Enjoying During Monsoon In India
8 Things That You Would Love Enjoying During Monsoon In India

Are you even Indian, if you are not obsessed with monsoon already? Monsoons in India are a sheer blessing, and we all just helplessly drool over it. Moreover, monsoon is a time where you can give rest to your soul and mind. The beauty monsoon brings along is the utmost reason everyone loves it. The clouds come floating in the sky, making the sun hide in their safe havens, the rain starts pouring down and cleaning the environment once for all.

We all love the smell of the soil, the rainbow shining with its vibrant colors, and the fresh flowers budding in nature. This is the best time you surprise your loved ones with flowers through online flower delivery. Monsoons are ideal since the temperature is neither too cold nor too cold. Raise your hand if you too love hearing the sound of rain pouring outside, especially in the night? What peaceful experience it is. I bet, the monsoon can easily pull you out of your home, right? If you are wondering what fun you can do during while it rains, here we have listed some for you. Let’s dive in!

  • Long Drive:

Give this monsoon a romantic touch by going on a long drive with the person you’re in love with. Monsoons are ideal for such dates. If you are single, what could be better than going out on a long drive with your best buds? Whatever you may do or whoever you go with, you must enjoy the monsoon. 

  • Chocolate Brownie:

If you happen to have a taste for desserts, then, it is the perfect time to hop on a hot chocolate brownie. Yes, rain and a chocolate brownie is a gem when clubbed. What more would you ask for than the sound of rain? The smell of sand and a bowl of hot chocolate brownie? Nothing, right? Go to your favorite cafe, grab your favorite book, and have a delicacy—one of the best ways to enjoy the rain. 

  • Cutting Chai:

I know most of you tea lovers were waiting for this point, right? Tea and rain, it is a lethal combination made in heavens. Those who already cannot get enough of tea (like literally), monsoons are the best to enjoy every sip of your tea. Gossiping over tea with your favorite person is perhaps the best therapy you can give to yourself.

  • Ferry Ride:

If you happen to live in the coastal area, then you can have the leverage of taking a ferry ride with your favorite people. Monsoon is the actual time to witness the beauty of nature as well as that of the rainy seasons. 

  • Get Around City:

If going on a long drive or on the outskirts of your city is not possible, then you can still get around the city. Trust me; you would not even get bored! No matter how many times you may have been to those places, they feel different in the rains. 

  • Make Paper Boats:

Did you also get the flashback of your glorious childhood upon hearing paper boats? Why feel nostalgic over it when you can still do it? We all have the childhood version of us alive inside us, right? So, make your paper boats, run across the streets with your siblings or partner, and live with the young you once again.

  • Rooftop Party:

There ain’t a better way of enjoying the monsoon other than having a rooftop party with the people you love. Yes, call your squad over your place, arrange for the food and good music system on the roof, and enjoy the quality time. 

  • A Walk In Umbrella:

Nothing can beat the charm if walking in the rain, right? However, if you do not like the idea of getting quenched in the rain, then you surely can use an umbrella. Believe me, it is the most peaceful walk you get to take throughout the year.

So, enjoy the season of monsoon and give yourself a break from your mundane schedule. Do adore nature and treat your soul right. Send flowers to people you love and convey your feelings to them during the most beautiful season in India.