Valentine's Day

This valentine’s day, try watching a romantic series instead of a movie. Do you know why? Because it gives you more than a couple of hours to spend together, maybe a week. Besides, the events of the series will add up on your conversation platter. No matter how lame it actually a baby step to ensure you both land on the same page at the end. In fact, why not start watching a series on day 1 of valentine’s week? This way, you can fix up some time together every day. 

To save you time when you’ll hunt for the perfect series to watch, we have already done that job for you. Here’s our recommendation for romantic and rom-com series that you can bond over the approaching week of love. 

Crash Landing on You

Rated 8.7 on IMDb, Crash landing on you can be the most unique and romantic series you can watch this valentine’s day. The story revolves around a beautiful renowned woman who accidentally makes a crash landing in North Korea. A special officer of the ‘no entry’ zone area assists her in hiding from the government and reaching her country. Obviously, they fall in love in the process. Watch the series to know how they manage to take their love across borders.

Fun fact: The lead cast was married to each other after shooting the series, thanks to their wholesome chemistry on screen.

Crash landing on you
Image Credits: Netflix

Emily in Paris

This is the story of a young ambitious woman from Chicago who gets transferred to Paris. The marketing firm in the city of light does not appreciate her American perspective. To prove her worth, she goes on a roller coaster ride that messes with her romantic and professional life. You get the situation where you might have to choose between two unbelievably smart guys, don’t you? The series is rated 6.9 on IMDb. This valentine’s day get ready to await how and who will Emily end up with.

Fun fact: The actress, Lilly Collins spent four months in Paris living as a local during filming. Some of the incidents in the show are her real-life grinds.

Emily in Paris
Image Credits: Netflix

The Vampire Diaries

The eight-season-long series is for anywho who seeks supernatural stuff and mystery with a love affair underneath. The town of Mystic falls is home to unknown horror where a high school girl gets stuck between two vampire brothers. The connection invites more mystical creatures into town, resulting in the ups and downs of everyone living around. The story of bloodthirsty vampires and their common love is a romantic drama that has a 7.7-star rating on IMDb. So, sink your teeth into it this valentine’s day to unfold the epic ending.

Fun fact: Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, the two of the three stars were a real-life couple back then. In addition, the renowned Brother’s Bond Bourbon is a result of on set brotherhood between paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder. 

The Vampire Dairies
Image Credits: Netflix


We can’t miss out on F.R.I.E.N.D.S whenever we talk about series, right? As the name suggests the plot revolves around six friends living in new york city. The group in their mid-twenties goes through love, drama, comedy, friendship, work-life balance, and a lot more. Follow their journey together over the course of ten years which is rated 8.9 by IMDb. Besides, it will be a good stir into your friendship bond this valentine’s day.

Fun fact: It is one of the most-watched shows on Netflix. Besides, the show invited a lot of celebrities on board, including Brad Pitt, Paul Rudd, Julia Robert, Charlier Sheen, and more.

Image Credits: Prime Video

Little Things

With a rating of 8.2 on IMDb, Little Things is a must-watch cute Indian romantic series this valentine’s day. The series portrays a cohabiting couple surviving modern-day problems in Mumbai. Watch out for how young couples in their 20s make their way to balance professional and personal life. 

Little Things
Image Credits: Netflix

Well, we hope that you have picked up the right show for you both. Adding on the light, you can watch them in Hindi with a bunch of snacks on your side. Happy Valentine’s day!