Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s day, make sure that you don’t land up getting friend-zoned. Well, the feeling is more mutual among guys. You may feel a girl is totally into you, laughing at your jokes, enjoying your company, and maybe flirting a little. However, upon confronting her, she might say something hurtful, “we are just friends.” As a matter of fact, 92.6% of the women intend to friend-zone their male company. Anyways, there’s always something you can do. This valentine’s day, you can give her a hint in advance and avoid getting devastated. Don’t overthink, we are here to assist you to pass through that friend layer! Remember, good things take time!

  • Look for friend-zone signals

We assume that you guys are already good friends. In that case, look for signals she might have been sending. Is she talking to someone else? Is she into some other guy? Does she have a crush she’s pursuing? If not, you can strike up a conversation asking about her valentine’s day plans. Her answer will certainly give you an idea.

  • Make your intentions clear 

Girls are usually not good enough at catching mixed signals. So, make sure that you make your intentions and feeling clear. On this valentine’s day, tell her if you are looking for a life partner or just want to see how things work out between you two. Likewise, you can slide what kind of companion you want while having a subtle conversation with friends. 

  • Drop hints about proposing on Valentine’s Day

Well, if you like her, you can flirt. Tell her that you are planning to propose to your “Best Friend” this valentine’s day. If she is into you in any way, she will get your deviant gesture. Ultimately, you can make your judgment based on how she reacts. Also, don’t forget to drop hints about your amazing proposal.

Valentine's day
  • Make him/ her feel extra special

Let’s be honest, most of the time, it’s HER! Guys tend to make more effort when it comes to impressing a girl. The situation might turn around afterward, JK! Start making her feel special before valentine’s day arrives. You can do so in simple ways like leaving notes and flowers for her. Also, show a little physical affection if she is comfortable enough. This will indicate your tenderness and care. 

Rose and note
  • Make plans exclusively with him/her

Of course, you guys enjoy each other in groups. But you need to make some exclusive plans to see the chemistry only between you two. If things go well, start catching up with her more often and explore your common interest. This will make her feel the efforts you have been constantly putting on to see her. In case she refuses to come along, take the hint.

  • Gift something before valentine’s day

Before you start making your plans for valentine’s day, take a trial and try gifting her something ahead of that. For starters, you can give her a rose on rose day. If she receives it well, you can start planning ahead and take those little steps. However, if her response is not satisfactory, you might have to take a step back.

  • Accept and move on

If all of your efforts do not work out in your favor this valentine’s day, accept the fact and try moving on. But make sure to listen to your heart. If you do not want to be friends, let her go. In another case, try not to make her feel awful for not accepting your love. In fact, if you can lighten up the air as much as you can. Remember, all things work together for good.

moving on