Chocolate Day

Chocolate day should also be considered the sweetest day of the year. The reason being it is filled with luscious cocoa treats, love, and romance. The day falls on February 9 every year, the third day of valentine’s week. As the name suggests, chocolate day is meant for lovers to exchange chocolates as a token of their love for each other. But we know, whether you have a partner or not, the yummy food day is for all. Also, why miss a chance when you can have something sweeter than love? Besides, for the day’s sake, you can keep your diet at bay and burn some calories the next day.


Why should we eat more chocolates?

Well, other than its unrivaled taste,  there are plenty of reasons why we should eat more chocolates. According to some studies, chocolates might assist you to achieve a few health goals like:

  1. Boost heart health
  2. Increases immune system
  3. Helps maintain body weight
  4. Promotes brain function
  5. Reduces stress and anxiety
  6. Control diabetes
  7. Foster physical activities
  8. Rich in antioxidants
  9. Promotes blood flow
  10. Helps maintain blood pressure

However, for these benefits to affect you, make sure that you check out the nutritional content of the chocolates, like calories, fat, and sugar. Also, pick up one that has at least 70% cacao content in it. 

How to celebrate a romantic chocolate day?

Naturally, chocolate day is celebrated by eating chocolates. But there’s always a way to twist things up and make them more remarkable. If you can’t think of anything, feel free to take up our idea and fill your day with romance.

Idea 1: Bake chocolate dishes together

Cooking becomes fun when you are preparing something you like with someone you love. This chocolate day, fill in the romance while baking delicious sweet chocolate desserts with your partner. Besides, the internet can help you with all the recipes and ingredients. This way, you can both have some fun and quality time together. Moreover, you get to eat the dish of your choice. Also, you can appreciate the efforts of your valentine. Some of the easiest chocolate desserts you can make at home are dry cake, cupcakes, chocolate shells, brownie cookies, chocolate custard, shakes, hot chocolate, and many more.


Idea 2: Dessert Date

In case you can not figure out a way to keep the kitchen to yourself, you can take your partner on a desert date. Hit the popular place in your town or nearby for that waffle and breaking chocolate ball. Try all those fancy desserts you’ve been waiting to visit. This will give you some time to hunt and discover a new place maybe. Plus, call it a short or long drive as per your wish. 


Idea 3: Chocolate tasting day

If your sweet tooth can’t decide a place to visit to have your favorite dessert, we have a better idea. Why not go to every single place and have a little of everything you like? Go and taste all your favorite imported chocolates, and have your delectable dessert & drinks. You can call it a chocolate-tasting day where you are giving business to all the renowned stores that have some unique tastes to offer.


Idea 4: Chocolates and Chill

We have all heard of Netflix and chill with some snacks on your side. This day, try to romance it up with a lot of focus on chocolate. In fact, call it chocolate and chill. You can plan a little homely date that includes all wafers and everything chocolaty. For instance, cookies, hot chocolate, and more. Also, don’t forget to tune in to a romantic series or movie to share the sweetness.