Cake, the delight that doesn’t need any introduction at all. The word “spectacular” is enough to make people crazy. The cherry on the top with amazing flavors of vanilla, butterscotch, strawberry, chocolate will amuse the cake lovers. Because, we love cake so much, so it’s really hard to resist ourselves from the delicious taste of the cake. Cakes are an integral part of every celebration. It’s hard to imagine the celebration of birthday, anniversary, valentines day, wedding, farewell party or any occasion without a tempting cake. But the evolution of these delights has been pretty long. The whole journey of the cake is quite interesting. The internet is full of the fun facts related to cakes and we have done some research work to bring you a guide of some of the interesting facts that you never heard or read before. We are pretty sure that you will definitely gain some knowledge about the cakes. Have a look at the below-listed facts and enjoy  the blog.

Why is Red Velvet Cake Red?

The story is quite interesting! Long time back, U.S Congress passed the federal food and drug cosmetic act in 1938. The act basically supported or approved of food coloring. John Adams, thrilled by this decision and find the best way to sell more food dyes by putting it into the cake. He found this idea more interesting. And thus, the red velvet cake was made. The red is the food dyes and velvet comes from the smooth texture of fine cake crumb. The popularity of this cake started increasing day by day and it became another great pastry. Really, what a fascinating story is this! The cake tastes so good that anyone can jump on it to eat it. You can now get this special cake delivery in bangalore, chennai, delhi, and to many more cities across India with the help of Winni.

World’s Most Expensive Cakes

A Wow feeling! World’s most expensive cake! A person living in the United Arab Emirates want a cake for his darling daughter’s birthday. That time, he didn’t have a world record in mind. He was looking for something unique that can make his daughter feel extra special. Debbie Wingham received a phone call that would change his life forever. Debbie designed a cake that looks like a fashion runway. The cake was 1.8 meters long (6 foot long) and looks so beautiful. The way appears along with the models (made of fondant), wearing fashionable clothes and accessories that are also edible. The main attraction of the cake that increases the cost of it is the gemstones. An abundance of gemstones was added, including $45 million worth of multi-colored diamonds. This 75 million dollar cake sets a record for the most expensive cake in the world. The cake became a show-stopping delight of the birthday celebration.

A Record for the Tallest Cake Too

Today cake industries are breaking all the records of cakes and busy in setting new records. But do you know about the world’s tallest cakes? Yes, you heard right! World’s tallest cake! The tallest cake measured 33m (108.27 feet) that was made by Hakasima-Nilasari Culinary School for the event of Christmas. The cake was exhibited in Senayan city, Jakarta, Indonesia from 28 November to 8 December 2008. Cakes are always considered as the special delight for every occasion and impressed everyone with its awesome taste. So, if you are looking for the cake that can make your celebration awesome then place an order for the cake online from Winni.

Blueberry Cake – An Accidental Delight

We all love the blueberry cake, not because it tastes good but it is also beneficial for health. But do you know the cake is considered as the accidental delight? It is said that Native Americans originally used blueberries as a dye and to make a grey paint they add it into the boiled milk. Long time back, a person accidentally tasted the blueberries and thought that it might be a great fruit to include in the cake batter. And, then a blueberry cake was discovered. Later the cake was used as sweet delight or dessert on the Christmas eve. If you are not a die-heart fan of fruitcake then you will definitely love the taste of the cake. The cake is incredibly moist that its first bite is enough to describe your love for it. You can enjoy the taste of this cake by ordering it from Winni.

A Small Story Behind the Red Velvet Cake

One more interesting facts are related to the red velvet cake. Once a woman ate Red Velvet cake in the restaurant and she loved the taste of the cake and asked the restaurant for the recipe. And the restaurant charged $100 for the same. That time, she got too furious and circulated the recipe all around to take a revenge. Wanna to taste this cake? Then visit and place an order for the red velvet cake. On having a bite of this cake, we are sure you will fall in love again.

World’s Largest Wedding Cake

A seven-tiered wedding cake weighing more than fifteen thousand pounds is the largest and most impressive cake in the world. The cake was too heavy, that its every tier was delivered in the cargo lift one by one. But the interesting part is that cake was not made for a wedding. The cake was specifically made for the Guinness World Records.  This masterpiece was created by Lynn Mansel. The cake was made with the help of 57 assistant. Do you know according to an estimation, if the cake was actually made for a wedding then 59 thousand guests could eat it? So, it was really a big cake. The record was set at the Mohegan Sun Casino Hotel, Connecticut in 2004. The previous record was marked in the Universal Studios park in July 2003 where cake weighed 4.5 thousand pounds.

Really, a small cake with lots of facts. While reading this blog, you must be craving for the cake. So, what are you waiting for? Get a delicious cake online from Winni and enjoy the fun-loving facts related to it.

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