Popular ‘Made In India’ Desserts From Different Corners Of The Country!

Popular ‘Made In India’ Desserts From Different Corners Of The Country!
Popular ‘Made In India’ Desserts From Different Corners Of The Country!

How many of you can name all the desserts that are native to India without looking down the internet? India is actually home to so many desserts that there is a chance you might end up missing one or two while naming or even have a ‘waterfall’, or should I say ‘saliva fall’ in your mouth in the middle of the task. 

Desserts are actually the best thing about life and worth living for. It just makes us happy, and even when we are not eating it, the memory of the time when we had it makes us happy. The delectable goodness touching your lips, Isn’t it a magical feeling? The whole world is crazy, so desserts are very famous around the world, and every country has its own set of them. Even India has its own share of dessert recipes, infact, it has a huge share of them. You may have observed that Indians have a huge belly tied to them, which well defines how our country is laden with amazing desserts and how much we love them. Since we Indians have a separate column in our body reserved for desserts (as claimed by many), we like to indulge in surgery delights quite often. Other than the infinite cake delivery that we are guilty of, we don’t shy away from binge eating the desserts that are born in different parts of the country. Yes, India is home to some really amazing desserts, and some of them might even shock you because you never knew that it belongs to your own country. So, here is a list of desserts from the different corners of India, and you might be a fan of some of them. 

Gajar ka halwa from Punjab

The first spot obviously belongs to gajar ka halwa because it’s just ‘yummm’. It is usually made in the winter season and probably the only reason why we like winters. Crushed carrots, milk, loaded with dry fruits and lots and lots of sugar. The world needs to learn this really attractive way to eat carrots by turning them into a heart-melting dessert. 

Kalakand from Alwar

If you have visited alwar and asked for the best thing to try there, the answer probably would have been ‘kalakand’. This sweet dish is really delicious, and you can say it is a part of the identity of alwar. You will find it famous in many parts of north India. But you need to especially try the one available in this district of Rajasthan. 

Modak from Maharashtra

It is a must in the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi – a very important festival in India. Every house has modaks prepared as this festival approaches. Modaks are sweet dumplings made of wheat and are filled with coconut and jaggery. I know you are already drooling over them. 

Sandesh from Bengal

Let’s head towards the east side where you will find Bengal, and in Bengal, you will find Sandesh. Bengalis are actually known for their sweet tooth, and Sandesh is the reflection of that. It is sweet and soft desserts, and the best place to try it is in Kolkata. 

Gulab Jamun

Well, the love for gulab jamuns is not divided amongst the states as it is a famous dessert in north, south, east, and west. Nothing announces celebrations quite like gulab jamun. You will fall in love with these love balls with dripping sugar syrup. 

So, these are some famous desserts that we Indians love truly. If you are someone who resides out of India, whenever you plan to visit this country, definitely give these desserts a try.