10 Simple Gestures Of Kindness That Reaffirms Our Faith In Humanity

10 Simple Gestures Of Kindness That Reaffirms Our Faith In Humanity
10 Simple Gestures Of Kindness That Reaffirms Our Faith In Humanity

It’s very easy to spread negativity and hatred, but be socially considerate and spread good vibes to those around you. But if you want to keep your slate of your karma clean, then you can try some random act of kindness. Not only for karma, but an act of kindness, when done with good intentions, gives you the feeling that words can not describe. Actually kindness is an ornament that everyone should wear, and it makes you much more attractive. So, the following are some kindness acts that will reaffirm our faith in humidity. 

Practice self-kindness

Let’s start with the most important thing, don’t forget to practice self-kindness. You know what they say, charity begins at home. When you are kind to yourself, then only you can spread it around. Turn generosity inwards, talk to yourself, it’s like giving yourself a pep talk. It helps you to grow.

Respond with politeness

No matter how much the other person is getting on your nerves, or how pissed off you are at that moment, try to stay calm and respond to them with politeness. Try to understand why that person is acting in a certain way. For once, try not to lose your calm.

Help someone with heavy bags

Whether you know that person or a stranger, when you see a person struggling with heavy luggage, offer them to help. Whether he/she accepts your help or not, they surely will appreciate it, and honestly, it will make you feel good too.

Drop off desserts at military camps near you

To serve their country, soldiers spend months after months without meeting their family and loved ones. Make them feel that the whole country is like their family. Drop off some desserts like cookies, cupcakes, or anything you like at the military camps near you. If they allow you, try to chit chat with them too.

Be a good listener

I understand, with all things happening around, you want an ear to tell all your stories. But once in a while, try to be a good listener. Ask your loved ones how their day was and remember to listen. Don’t zone out in the middle of the conversation.

Visit your elderly neighbors

I have seen this trend that older people are let to live alone while their kids move to other parts of the country for a brighter future. I don’t quote them wrong, I suggest that if you have such neighbors, visit them often and keep a check on their health if you can.

Offer your seat 

Whether a man or a woman, one should offer their seat to someone needier. I understand you won the race and occupied the seat first, but be generous enough to lend it to someone who needs it more than you. 

Hold the door

Holding the door for someone behind you, either your friend or a stranger, is not only a kindness gesture but also a sign of proper etiquette. Try this. It will not take much time.

Buy a hot meal for a homeless

Buying a hot meal is still a luxury for the homeless and needy. Ask them when the last time they had a proper full meal was? You know your single meal can be someone’s entire day meal. While a single meal won’t cost you much, it can really save their day.

Help you mom with daily chaos

Sometimes I feel that mom’s do much more work than any of us can even imagine. It is way more than her capacity but still manages to do all of it with a smile. So, even if you are working, take out time and help your mom to finish off her daily chaos. 

Whenever you can, do indulge in at least one such act in a day. Trust me, it won’t take much of your time and effort.