Dear Best Friend, I’ll Be There For You, Like I’ve Been There Before!

Dear Best Friend, I'll Be There For You, Like I've Been There Before!
Dear Best Friend, I'll Be There For You, Like I've Been There Before!

Each year, as I sit down to write a tribute for my best friend, I am ambushed by the preschool memory when we used to write essays on “my best friend” and read that out loud in full swag. Some of us are still in touch with the same best friend mentioned in the essay, but some changed the name every year. Well, whether it’s a kid or a grown-up, we all need friends for a better psychological well being.  

Best friends are those people who make the day adventurous and a life worth taking risks. They know you truly, inside out, and are brutally honest with us when we need a reality check. We know them as a friend, as a partner in crime, as brother/sister, and Spending time with them is nothing less than a therapy session. Lucky are you if you know people who you can list into this category. Though, nowadays, liking each other’s pictures and commenting on Insta pics has become the new way of showing love to each other, changing trends cannot change the relationship we share with them. 

Endless Gedis

Awesome weather, your scooty, long drives, and one person, best friends, it’s the best time in the world. I mean, what is the whole [point to joining tuition classes if you don’t go around for ‘endless gedis’ with your friends after the class. Those long drives in the mid evening was what life was all about and not to forget those bunks on a good weather day. Such moments are better than any expensive date, right? If you have done this, trust me, you truly have enjoyed your life. Was it even possible to experience such special moments if you did not have friends in life? 

Sneak Out At Night

I know we all have done this, now you cannot deny it. Well, friends are always there to put a bad idea in your head and be it their influence or your own naughty mind, sneaking out of the house while parents were asleep was amazing. Friends would help you to suggest the ways to sneak out and even helped you to take such risks. Sneaking out would not have been the same if done alone. Would you even sneak out at all?

Tapri Waali Chai

We need friends to take the pleasure of the best tea in the world, ‘tapri wali chai’. As soon as the clouds occupied the sky, it was the natural thing to go out with friends for a ‘barsaat me chai peene ka maza’ experience. We can even go miles for the same, right? But you know, it’s never the weather, but it’s always the company of our friends that makes that tea amazing. 

Guy Talks

I know it; you know it that you cannot tell your sibling everything about guys or girls no matter how cool your sibling is. So, that is when you need friends. They help you with all the relationship stuff, available for you in the middle of the night to give you tissues when a guy or a girl dumps you. They are always up for “the guy talk,” and you can literally say or ask anything from them. 

Important Life Decisions

Who would you run to ask ‘what should I reply now?’ when your crush messages you if you don’t have friends. Sure it is a very important decision, it can make or break your chance to be with your crush. 

And Of Course Gossips

We definitely need good friends to vomit out all the gossip that we digest all day. It’s only the friends who will listen to it an endless number of times, and all the gossip is safe with them.

Well, I have pretty amazing friends in life, and I hope you do too. On this Friendship Day, surprise your friend with a exciting and heartwarming friendship day gift online. Happy Friendship’s Day!!!